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Josh Bush SA – Mother Fucker lyrics

Josh Bush sa _ Mother Fucker Mp3
Verse 1
I got tummies on the street / they are
Calling me mother fuckin e'y / yeah I
Go to my top and I got my niggas in
The kill / like I kill a bee / I kill my
Niggas in the bill / yeah yeah my name
Is jb / They call me muh fucker yeah /
Ke jb from sk Yeah I do whats level
Yeah / yeah. Yeah. They call me jb but
I'm a muh fucker rapper / I came to kill
That mother fucken yeah / They do
That mother fucker yeah/ I do this in
The mother fucker / I rhyme this solo
In the mother fucken game yeah / I
Got my money on the street they callin
Me mother fucken that bish / I got em
Bishes on the street yeah / I go to my
Top. I go to my top 'yeah '
Verse 2
My nigga told me if I get that money
Than I get that pussy / I will play a
Pussy is / get your self a bully / I know
You looking. That's how I look / I will
Fuck with niggas call me jb / Its Lil T-
Shion bby / the money makes / the
Money talks Now I understand / The
Choppa will make a nigga to a
Running man / I will take your girl &
Turn her pussy to a punchin bag / I'm
Still with my ass off / bitch thatz what
A stunna man / school is bitch as
Nigga / you were undergreath / the
World is in my hand smacked out
Shoot with my ada hand / Yeah. Yeah
You heard me / This is jb Breezy man
From sk / I run this shit muh fucker /
Yeah Yeah. I got my boi here Tee-Jay
Is my best producer yeah man / you
Know what I'm sayin Yeah / Yo Yeah
Go yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Verse 3
I got my crew then we smokin weed.
We smokin blunt. We smokin kush.
Yeah we goin high. To another level.
We goin high. We goin high Yeah Yeah
Yeah. This is jb niggas. Let me get
This rhyme just like that Yeah I roll this
Muh fuckers. Yeah go. Go. Go. Go.
Go Go. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Muhfucker. This is jb niggas. You
Understand me. You know what I'm
Sayin. Yeah This is Yo Boi Breezy.
Breezy Man young khalifa man. We
Smokin weed.

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