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Josh Baze – Hollywood lyrics

Oh, California, California, California,
Welcome to a place where no assembly or applause is required
And everybody is a star,
You’d be lucky to say it you did it all, did it before.
The picture is so vivid and the (scratch) is so raw,
Bump that
Its so ahhhh (ahhhh)

Welcome to Hollywood,
Different chapters of subscribe ...
Success matters all the unimportant things is aside.
Everything is like a ride,
You live in a publics eye…
Look at me now you can see what they provide!

Ah, welcome to Hollywood,
Stars are made over night,
Just the other night I was another face on the bleachers
Its sacrifice, double up, siamese life
And now we’re so high, nobody can’t reach us!
Got this on my palm, hold on, for dare life,
Got a drive for it but the wheels always just stirred right
And it feels so nice to go shopping and not worrying about the price!
This is the life, the man, who got everything screwed on,
With the news on, you sit down with your fam
And they excited cause you on
Now all of yall sorry,
Cause I put in work while all of yall partied

If I was in L. A
If I was
If I was
(while all of yall partied)
California dreaming

Welcome to Hollywood,
On such a .... Day!
This is the place where they Hollywood!

Flashing lights nascars
Fast cars
The only reason why you was with the last broad
And now people asking what you being a ass for
Cause we in a different class dog

Welcome to hollywood
As seen on tv
Security said no touching
Cause yall can't see me
Yall stevies
Your 2020's is 3D's
You aint got those your pointless
Jenna set up appointments
On top like its s*** time
Going in like the next in line
Upscale resturants
Waiters got on double D's like its the breast you want
You gota number you wait outside
"wat else you want"
And she's only 25
2 kids her man doin a bid
Dreams on gettin out the hood and doin it big
Picture of you in the crib
A dream come true
She prayed for this day
See how fast dreams come threw


Nothing in this life is free
Even if I had to get it
I could've got it for cheap
Just look at what I provide
I'm at where I belong
Connected wit some of the hottest people now its on
Mother (scracthes)I'm strong
Check the sweat on my palm
Fought to get a gym got more
Cuts on my arm
Look at how I go threw changes
Lived long
Magic meets david blaine bitch
I'm gone
Competitive stages
Lyrical dangerous
Only conquer the main things that life came wit
And I aint go to cambridge
Different toilet but same shit
Ate enough how you think I gain shit
Ate enough so how I think I gain shit
Different outcomes but same trip
Now I'm in this game bitch

This is the place where they
This, this, this is the place where they Hollywood.
This, this, this is the place where they Hollywood
Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood!

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