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Jon Young – Don't Wanna Fight No More lyrics

I don't wanna fight no more
Why are we wastin our time
We makin somethin outta nothin
And we don't even know why

I just wanna be wit you shawty
[jus wanna be wit you]
There aint no need to argue

I don't wanna fight no more
Why are we wastin our time
We makin somethin outta nothin
And we don't even know why

I just wanna be wit you shawty
[aint no need to fight]
There aint no need to argue

Lil momma lets forget about the fightin & fussin
I could remember when i met you we was kissin & huggin
We wasn't worried 'bout if i came home a bit late
I aint doin' nothin, girl i aint cheatin, aint on no date

You my one and only, so why we wastin' all our time
Bickerin' and arguin', what are we hopin' to find?
We makin' problems outta nothin, girl lets stop all the nonsense
We in love, lets make up, 'cause thangs aint makin no sense

I know we human, we aint perfect, but we take it too far
We only here a short time so lets make it less hard
There's other thangs to deal wit, no need for conflict
Baby girl i wanna love ya, not make ya sick

So i promise ya this aint goin be no arguments
Girl i'm givin you my trust, no more gettin' jealous
So lets, focus on us and get thangs the way they was
You my everything shawty, wit you, it's more than love

Why are we wastin our time?
We could be makin love
Girl, i don't wanna fight
So how about us makin up
[oh baby]

So how bout it baby? lets not play all these games
I know our feelings are the same so lets avoid all the pain
We beatin 'round the bush actin' like we don't even care
Tryin to see if one another goin leave, or stay here

I swear, so many people waste they lives and regret
Losin' the ones they love but it aint too late yet
For us, so im'a tell ya how I feel everyday
Girl you my shawty til I die, I aint neva goin stray

I know you sick & tired of suppressin' your feelings
'cause you scared of gettin way too close, but that's silly
'cause I'm down, I aint leavin, yea I made some bad moves
I thought that you was creepin', but I shouldn't assume

That's the problem right there, we gotta remain honest
So from now on it's nothin' but the truth and that's a promise
'cause baby I wouldn't trade you, you my heaven on earth
No more wastin' time puttin' you second, you comin' first

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