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Joe Evans – Nothing But Time lyrics

Say hello to Lonestar beer and smoke fills the air
Yeah, saturday night again and I’m alright
‘cause I ain’t at work somewhere between 6th Avenue and 21st
And high as a runaway kite.

Yeah, I’m sailin’ on the wind, no one, no help from Auntie Em.
No thank you ma’am I’m doing fine
Oh and I’ll just be on my way, oh come what may,
Every night I got nothin’ but time.

I got nothin’ but time
And I ain’t gonna stand in my way.
I got nothing but time,
Even if it’s only for one day.
I got nothing but time
But I’m gonna make it count.
‘Cause I got nothing but time
But only until my time runs out.
Yeah, oh, oh whoa ho...

Yeah, ya know just the other day it kinda came to me,
Like a name you should know but can’t say until you let it breathe awhile
That is that each and every one of us tend to get a little bit too worked
About when and where and who and what kind.
Yeah, but if you stop and think hard about who you really are
You might find yourself a little surprised.
‘Cause the gospel of it is that tomorrow you could be gone
Along with him and her and the rest of them who didn’t take a little time
To unwind.
Yeah unwind, oh whoa ho...

So the next time you honk your horn and curse the day some poor fool was
The next time you make a fist and close your eyes,
Just raise that fist up against the sky and you’ll see a molehill framed
In a mountain you made throwing the shadow down on your pride.
Yeah, your shallow little wounded side.
Oh my my...

Yeah, you got nothing but time.
Don’t let it stand in your way.
You got nothing but time,
Even if it’s only for one day.
You got nothing but time
But you better make it count.
‘Cause you got nothing but time
But only until your time runs out.
Yeah, oh, oh whoa ho...

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