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Jj Kikola – Red Yellow lyrics

'Man I've got that red yellow green with a
Dead mellow lean...

Led, followed
That's me...
I've lead below my spleen from the fluoride stream
The codes are bouncing off the screen
I'm bout to scream
I've seen so much shit
Far from clean cut
I'm far from clean but
I've been so clutched with
I'm barred from umpteen huts
- humpty dumpty off the wall
Trust in broken eggs
Cos customs busting my nuts
And breaking sea legs -
Scratch marks after...
Like a...
Like a' like a...
Turn the tables like a poker troika
Pulling rabbits out this hat trick
Like a hungry striker.
Freedom bobbing in the sands
Bombs over lands
- in the plans -
They block, H block, hate locks
I feel like bobby sands...
They fly space wagons
But they far from soccer dads
They fly from from chopper pads
They come a cropper, man,
They maim lads and mums
It's glum
How come they never done with the guns?
They make slums, we sell buns
It's not for fun - life's cake sale...
You on the run for your life
You won't make bail
Fakes fail
So keep it real despite the hate mail...
Keep collecting all the stamps
Hail a cab
Cos the ramps is bumpy
So pump it up like you joe budden
My mic rhymes over night man
- so sudden -
Bakers got twelve points
-half time
Dime a dozen

Kikola off the top
Keep it buzzin' cousin

Kikola off the top
Keep it buzzin' cousin

Ekala never stop
We keep it buzzin' cousin

Keep it buzzin Y'all! Peace!

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