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Jinsu – Could Of Had It All lyrics

Let me yell at you

Lost it all but my roll dogs
I low it nigga now they all gone
From back home I'ma drown boy
Chain stains my boy say came along
Hey homies I'ma do anything for
Money came see they hate em all
Female share but it grave your heart
Fell trapped so I took and escape it all
Yeah I learned to loud but then I sang well
My life locked could it make bell
How to shake well but never be free
Said fuck niggas I better details
That's how the game go we make dough
Never break dough get the pride to shake foes
Let them hate though I better myself nigga
Offending who myself my nigga
Nobody gonna stop what I made up
By the way you... My aim up,
You're tryin to break us but can't say enough
Better thing once again if you face us, huh
But you came better with time
Had niggas in the way so I better the ground
All do is had a pay, foose in the way
But I think every day

You could of had it all, we could of had it all
We could of had it all, I said we could of had it all
We could of had it all, hey hey hey hey
We could of had it all,
I said we could of had it all,
We could of had it all we could of had it all
I said we could of had it all,
Yeah yeah yeah we could of had it all
I said we could of had it all,
We could of had it all

Seems like females really wanna know
Same issues that been done before
When I mention though he was special though
Second thoughts so I had let you go
I had the game plan but then it all stopped
Love to the roof then it all drops
Tryin to figure what went wrong with this picture
Guess I'm in love so so nigga
Never knew I had a bad five growin now
Then thing you would get my lovin now
Be surprised if you see a nigga growin shout
Even when I found out he was in the house
Phone calls ignore them,
For the love of the worse I was all in
Fallin stallin I was causing
Free sense with you it was cost in get it often
Same mow left one got the same hoe
New style if you would smash
To the know that I was stick around the wow
True love it was all to be
Better phone way she was calling me
Never that so I kick back get back
You ain't see this for the...


We could of had it all, rolling in the deep
You had my heart inside of your hand
And you played it, and you played it to the beat
Don't play me,
Don't you, don't you, don't you
Don't play me, don't play me
Don't you, don't you, don't you

Y'all this is crazy

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