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Jiaunn – The Eye (In The Pyramid) lyrics

I wanna be... (sexual)
I wanna be... (controlled)
I wanna be... (Satanic)
Shout out to the Illuminati
Eye, Eye, Eye, Eye
(I'm watching you)
I'm in the dark
I'm in your closet
I'm the one your scared of...
Then one you (uhhh) to...
I'm the pyramid... I'm the eye in it
(Satanas es mi dios, el es quien adoro 666)

(Dance break)

I'm the eye in the pyramid
I'm always watching you
Yes I'm here and there
I haunt you, Taste you
I control you, Make you wonder 'bout me
Put my 666 on my wrist, on my jacket and this (Satan)
When ya'll praise me, Then ya'll praisin' him
I'm also the shadow in the corner of your eye
I caused Liy's crash
I caused Tup's death
I caused the 9 motherfuuuu 11

(Dance Break)

I'm the eye in the pyramid
I'm the...
I'm the...
Bish yes I possessed you
I'm satan's bish

Hi Honey

Hey baby

Here lemme take off your coat and stuff...

Ummmm... Ok

Ok babe... Now listen to this and relax...


(In your ear)
I'm in your mind
Your thinking bout this...
Imma take over your body
And your minnddddddd


Wha... Oh yes... I couldn't wait... Now your possessed


I'm the eye in the pyramid
When it blinks
I'm coming for ya.
And I'm catch you then Imma eat ya!
Your blood, Your mind, Your everything it's sweet... Your all mine

(Plane Crashes)
(Aaliyah singing)
(High pitched screaming)
(Tv playing)
(Women screaming)
(Satanic voice speaking)

Da da da da da da da da da da da da
Da da da da
Bum be dum bop

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