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Jermaine Dupri – Lay It Down lyrics

[J. D.]
So So Def
Uh huh, uh huh

[Hook: Lil' Mo]
You need somebody to lay it dawn
Grab you by the your hair and show you exactly where to go
Lay it down
Don't stop, movie it fast
Tap that ass, I say nigga take it slow
Lay it down
Talk to ya, walk witch ya, through every single motion
Lay it down
I mean all the way down, leave a playa like you wide open

[J. D.]
No I never had that before, so if you out here that's what I'm lookin' fo'
'Cause I keep gettin' these girls, but know
In the G I try to tell 'em what to do but they don't listen to me
I'm good on top

[J. D. & Lil' Mo] That's what they say
[J. D.] I wanna do it in your drop
[J. D. & Lil' Mo] That's what they say
[J. D.] I bet I'll make you say stop
[J. D. & Lil' Mo] That's what they say

Ones you get 'em in the sack there wont be none of that
It be a hole lotta action away, hole lotta' action, not enough play
For this boy "J"
What I need in my life is a wife that have the house jumpin'
Like the gentlemen's club on Monday night
When I come home, hunny doin' tricks
Shit, backflips, [?] like song
Meet me at the door with the double G
Sayin' "If your free!"


[are. O. C.] You gotta drop slooow, now fast
[J. D.] Bounce that ass
[are. O. C.] Get up!
[J. D.] [?] get cash
[are. O. C.] Like this?
[J. D.] Like that

[are. O. C.]
Like this and uh
Throw it at me like a picture when I give it to ya
Considering your appearance, under the influence
All I'm herein' is rumors "How she can make ya hotter"

[J. D.] Let her tell it
[J. D. And are. O. C.] Ohh
[are. O. C.] And she crazy with her mouth Peace
[J. D.] If you let her tell it
[are. O. C. And Lil' Mo] Was to lay you, they gonna lay you down

But I'm a gangster, G's don't get turned out
I heartbreak 'em like Jay-Z

[J. D.]
See I dun it all

[are. O. C.]
And im'a keep doin' it, baby that's just me
I don't cuddle in the linin', I couple up women
Enough of huddlin' in the linin', they lovein' the thug up in 'em
And yea I know I'm sinin', but it feel like Heaven
All of 'em keep yellin'


[J. D.]
No, I never had that before, oh no
I never had that, ohh
No, I never had that before (so if you out here, that's what I'm lookin' fo')
Ohh no, I never had that before
Oh no, I never had that, ohh
No I never had that before (so if you out here that's what I'm lookin' fo')


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