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Jelluzz – Hold On lyrics

Ayo wrote this song so many times
Cos I had so many lines
And what their doing is bad
They don't want you to shine
You aint you alone keep on trying
There insomniacs, they hate on people with dreams, that's alright
I got so many dreams it's nothing
I could sleep for a hundred nights
Teachers boyed it with the passes
Just capital fs in the margin
But they never pushed my heart in
Still knew I would win though(window) like the square with glass in
They wanna bring you down
All them hateful people stuck on the ground
They try they can't touch the sky
That's why they wish death on the clouds


(Hold on) they love it when you do bad (hold on)
They hate it when you do good (hold on)
But if you want something then you should (hold on)
They love it when you flop (hold on)
Hey don't want to see you on top (hold on)
But if you want something don't stop (hold on)
I want it I do it I get it I got it x3
Dun know dun know dun know I'm on it
I want it I do it I get it I got it x3
Dun know dun know dun know I'm on it

Some of them come like magnets, this is true
Do something positive, and the negative sticks to you
But from when I was born in a march, conceived in a june
I crossed my heart and said I will fight till I R.I.P in a tomb
My ambitions are over the moon
More than being a goonie goon
So it is what it is do what you do
But everyday is a boomerang what you throw outs gonna come back to you
Love or hate g that's the rules
But you know, sticks and stones can break bones
What are there words gonna do?
The only words could scar me
Come with black ink on a tattoo


I couldnt look in the mirror
And stare at my face
If I let them give me the red light
Never gonna get stopped by a snake (nah)
I wasn't raised up that way (huh)
I saw the beef explode
When I should have been watching nickelodeon shows
But it never broke me down even though I came out of a broken home
And there's a million similar scenarios
What don't kill you makes you strong
What don't sink you helps you float
That's more power to help you so
They wanna hate just know
You can't plant poison and get a rose
Karmas real what you plant will grow
That's fast food for your brain take it and go

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