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Jello Biafra – Three Strikes lyrics

When they came for the Jews
I didn't protest, I wasn't a Jew
When they came for the crack dealers
I applauded that too
Tired of tripping over homeless beggars
At the latte stand
Drug war sweeps
Made the neighbourhood feel clean

Then they found some pot seeds
In my rented car
Seized everything I owned
Without trial

Oh-oh Oh Oh-oh
Oh-oh Oh Oh-oh

In the hot hot Sun
Of an abandoned Army base
Rot the throngs of excess humans
Uncle Sam's "Detained"
Immigrants and patriotically incorrect
Or buying a ticket at the airport in cash
While back

This is ethnic cleansing
American style
More people in jail
Than any country's ever tried

Oh-oh Oh Oh-oh
Oh-oh Oh Oh-oh

Welcome to the gulag
Of the Red, White, and Blue
Gotta keep up with the Chinese slaves
So hard labour for you

Pushups on command
Long marches, shaved heads
Guards cost money
So we use an electric fence

When it's 100 outside
Chain gangs mow the lawn
Freeze your ass off and shovel snow
When it's 15 below

Three Strikes
Three Strikes
Three Strikes
You're out

Life in prison for stealing a can of beer
Or sitting in a stolen truck
Or swipe your cousin's TV
Life for shoplifting one jar of vitamins
Supreme Court said that ain't
Cruel and unusual punishment

The more our prisons
Are privately owned
Prison-industrial complex grows
They need more bodies
To cram in more cells
So they finance campaigns
For more 3 strike laws

Oh-oh Oh Oh-oh
Oh-oh Oh Oh-oh

Oh-oh Oh Oh-oh
Oh-oh Oh Oh-oh

Three Strikes
Three Strikes
Three Strikes
You're out

Let me out!

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