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Jelleestone – The Hood Is Here lyrics

Hell Yeah
For all of my hustlas who really don't care
For all of my gangstas that showin no fear
Of what the hood thinks so scream hell yeah
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah, The Hood Is Here
For all of my hot girls for showin no fear
For all of my hood rats who really don't care
For what the hood thinks so blow it in the air
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah, The Hood Is Here

[Verse 1:]
Now the ghetto gone wild the hood been crazy
Everybody attitude "fuck you pay me"
Lil niggas run around bustin up 380's, nines and mack 10's
I love la
All in all, if it's love it's love if it's war is war
We don't front we don't call the law
People we breakin bread for your arm or foe
It's extonition nigga
All my niggas sellin welfare support these niggas
Ain't nothin you could tell me when it come to this rap shit
If you ain't fuckin with Jellee bring ya hustla back
T-dot mc
But I ain't Kardinal, I ain't Saukrates
My name ain't Choclair, you could get shot here
I had yo momma dressed in black, screaming it's not fair


[Verse 2:]
Aight, there's two niggas stalk, one nigga snitchin
Four niggas waiting up inside his kitchen
All of them debating or how they goin picture
Three days later the nigga goin miss him
Listen, we grindin hard
People get upset when some involve
They call me the underdog, we da comin runnin
Underdog and I come for?
Ha bombaclot
Look around Toronto see a young New York
Force a nigga out here better than me
I ain't seen him yet, I should arrest just to see him sweat
They try to free us under the carpet
Like my hood ain't hood, like my hood ain't starving
Like my hood ain't hood, like my hood ain't Harlem
Cause my hood stay hood, my hood is a problem


[Verse 3:]
Anytime I step in da building
The boy gets respect in da building
All around the whole hoes, we wreckin our children
So all I need now is a check for a million
Got moves to make shit
So don't get scared, get used to the fake shit
Stop lookin at me weird, get used to the fake shit
When they scream the hood is here, you know who's in the place
From the streets to the cell block
Check ya local nail shop to tell ya that Jelle's hot
Ya right from the block
Like it or not my hood with me right to the top


The Hood Is Here

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