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Jeffree Star – Knifecalle lyrics

Shady Jeff: Lets go right now!
I look alive, I'm dead inside. My heart has holes and black blood flows.
We'll do some drugs, well fall in love and get fucked up while the world
Just shrugs. With no thought Logically. Were wondering the streets so
Aimlessly. I hate to see these kids just being put down so painlessly.
And people say you Dye your hair and wear tight jeans, that
Doesn�t mean. That you can�t scream, or like loud noise, you got a choice,
You have a voice. And just because you showed no love and hate on us
You fucked our trust. Now watch we thrust this Knife Called Lust into
My Chest until it Bust.
Tha Producer:
This love, This Hate
Is burning me away
(Shady Jeff: is burning me away)
It's hard to face that we're all the same
This love, This Hate
Is Burning me away
(Shady Jeff: is burning me away)
It's harder times like these that never change (Shady Jeff: That never change)
Charlie Scene:
Mad at the fact your dad is an addict, your friend takes pills he thinks it cures sadness,
I'm not here to attack or make you kids panic,
But I just think it's tragic the way these kids have it.
And everybody sins and it all begins, it goes back around, nobody ever wins.
And you stab yourself in the back, everybody just relax! It all just hits so close to home,
We all got friends but we stand alone, and your on your own from a broken home,
You keep the truth inside and it stays unknown. Nostalgia hit and it's time to quit,
And everybody acts like it don't mean shit. A
And your friend will stab you just to fuck some girl,
Put your hands in the air and scream fuck the world!
Tha Producer and Charlie Scene: Let go
Tha Producer: I'll bring you closer
Tha Producer and Charlie Scene: Right now
Charlie Scene: I'll hold on tightly
Tha Producer and Charlie Scene: Let go
Tha Producer: We're going no where
Tha Producer and Charlie Scene: Somewhere
Charlie Scene: And things aren't over
Tha Producer: Harder times like these!
Tha Producer and Da Kurlzz and Shady Jeff: Growing up on the streets!
Tha Producer: Harder times like these!
Tha Producer and Da Kurlzz and Shady Jeff: I'll put you back on your feet!
Charlie Scene:
And I fall to the ground with my teardrops
And I get lost every time my heart stops
Tha Producer:
This love this hate is burning me away

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