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Jeffree Star – Size Of Your Boat lyrics

(Muffy) If the size of your boat hits the tonsils in her throat, just enough so that she chokes, bet you think that she'll be soaked.
Got her panties in a knot, hope that's not a stuffer sock, you need motion in that ocean just to make that booty pop!

(Jeffree)I got a little secret for the guys, that wants to know if it's the motion or the size.
But if you're the one I pick to be the captain of my ship, let you in my ocean baby, would you drive?
You know that these guys are quick to clam they gigantic, but size don't mean a thing, just think about the Titanic...
Maybe I can fake it, make you think you're doin' damage
Umm yawn, you just don't understand it...

They say it ain't the size of your boat but the motion in ya ocean
Boy now row... Now row
They say it ain't the size of your boat but the motion in ya ocean
Boy now row... Now row
You told me we were goin' on a cruise...
So how the hell did we end up on this canoe?
They say it ain't the size of your boat but the motion in ya ocean
Boy now row... Now row

(Jeffree)I got another secret for the guys
Who's quick to brag and always talk about their size
But if my bedroom had a sign like a roller coaster ride
Would you be too short to even come inside?
'Cuz you know that these guys are quick to tell you that they're packin'
The truth is I can't see it with some magnifying glasses
Maybe with some tweezers we can get into some action
And boy you got me laughin'


Wally Wally Power Boat
Smooth and sleek, I stay afloat
Ladies! Let's take a vote, only ride that which is dope
Could be big or could be small...
I know a chick who takes it all, if you take her to the mall
Pump dat monkey Frank like Paul
I'll sink your battle ship
I've seen tanks much bigger than yours can get
Your sails up, ready to fish
Life guards on duty, are you ready to jump in?


(Muffy)It's Jeffree Star & ya girl Muff Mommy
Yeah! I think it's the size or is it the motion?
I don't know why there's all the commotion!

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