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Jadakiss – Down South lyrics

Shout out to the runners
Lets go


Lets take it down south (lets go)
Lets take it down south (lets go)
Lets take it down south (lets go)
Yayo, ross
This is D- Block
This is D- Block
This is D- Block
This is D- Block

Lets take it down south (lets go)
Lets take it down south (lets go)
Lets take it down south (lets go)
Yayo, ross
This is D- Block

This is D- Block
This is D- Block
This is D- Block ddd you know my name

(rick ross)
Ridin in that maybach baby boy this first class tints
Feelin like a prince pimp has the perp pass,
Fly I gets high fuckin parachute got a new pair of
Coups sittin on a pair of boots.
Focus on the guns that's a dunk or a ally oup steppin
Out the car it's the Marvin blue valley shoes.
On the grind tryna shine like summer time with three
Jobs only thing on yo mama mind
(Mama) Got ten cars gon whip one of mine I done did
A 100 getting 100 least 100 times.
Now I'm countin 100s I swing euros and pounds in Europe
With pounds boy I be movin around.
Cell phone well known the big boss rick rizzle the
Rich nizzle it's Ricky Ross you know the name bitch
Know what I came wit D block triple c we on that same shit



Lets take it down south but keep it new york.
We can push the caddy air force when I walk.
Old coupe deville big old racing tires I'm sittin up
High killin them like mike Myers.
White racin stripe loud racin pipe I'm comin down the
Block hald Asian dyke. I be M.
I. A I neva been to Haiti but smitty keep tellin me
I can get nice and 80. So what's the price baby holla
At me ross I comin through wit Jada another D block
Boss 2 guns down t shirt with these all crown I meetin
Rose capoile on the other side of town.
So holla at me now nope look at me now they say I'm
Hot but I aint plat that's gon change now this is this
Is d block I keep my heat cocked I represent the south
And new york nonstop.



Muahh you gotta love it though cuz now I getting other
Dough how you think I'm comin back and forth wit the
Mother load. Nc fc even out in west v a town dade county
I keep the haze round me. Good women good food always
In a good mood all chopped all screwed strip clubs
All nude wheelin then I'm ready from chillin them I
Heavy the towny or the dessy Monte Carlo or the chevy.
Everybody is trill everything is a big deal from the
Pills to grills to cars wit the big wheels.
I be down bottom wit no problem niggaz know if I'm in
The town then I got em I let em go.
Plain fragrant I can get you some cocaina if you aint
An agent dependin on your relations this is d block
And everybody is wit it get it how you live or either live how you get it.


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