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Jack Johnson – Losing Keys lyrics

Don't worry
Everybody in the room notices you
Sit back and relax
The night is early
We are about to overdo it
So come and tell me something that you've already told me
Cause everybody's heard our lovely stories
I'm hoping some of them are true

I've been losing lots of keys lately,
I don't know what that means
But maybe I've been better off with things that can't be locked at all
I've been feeling kind of sea sick lately,
See you reaching to me come and save me
You or me, I would much rather take the fall

The world has it's ways
To quiet us down
The world has it's ways
To quiet us down comes the rain
Down comes our spirits again
But down comes the strength
To lift us up and then...

Been going up when now
For to long
Forget how
To let go
Seems to hard
To late now
To turn around
The world has it's ways
To quiet us down
The world has it's ways
To quiet us down comes rain
Down goes our spirits again
Down comes the strength
To lift us up and then...

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    I was losing control in my life, like my identity was gone. My husband and I got in a fight over, literally, a set of keys, and yes, they were lost. Having the keys is like being in control. Sometimes you think you'd be better off without things that require being in control, like you don't want the responsibility of being committed to anyone or anything. But then life steps in and you catch a glimpse of whatever it is that you really want, what will truly make you happy. Then you realize that you better find those damn keys, and you better keep them. Because in the end we're all holding the keys to our own successes and failures. There's a bit of self loathing in the song also, we all do this now and then. We'd sometimes rather take the fall then allow our loved ones to suffer for our failures.
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