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J-Diggz – Leave Me Alone lyrics

Breathing in and out (Repeatedly)

I'm hungover, I'm stressed the fuck out
I don't need this right now, (Moans)
Just Leave Me Alone
(Just Leave Me Alone)


Just Leave Me Alone
(Just Leave Me Alone)
(Yeah) Yeah Yeah. Just Leave Me Alone
(Just Leave Me Alone)

This amazing time...
These girls be yellin me outta my mind.
I need a couple Minutes get it outta my spine
Before I rip this Mutherfucka up I aint lyin
She got it on my skin thinkin I'm crazy...
Gettin on my last nerve callin... Me lazy

Eye sight gettin blurry gettin all hazy
But shit I can't leave my baby girl... That's my bay bay
When she leaves (hot dayum I miss her)
I just can't wait (until I kiss Her)
But right Now (but right now I'm with my homies)

(And I don't give a fuck if your alone girl)
I don't give a fuck if your alone girl
Just Leave Me Alone
(Just leave me alone) aye. Aye.
(Leave Me Alone) Just Leave Me Alone
(Jusssst Leave me alonnne...)

I Beg Ya... Aye
Just leave me Alone (Just Leave Me Alone)
Just Give me the word before I break a fist
And have you out of the curve... That's the three time

You done flip me the bird I got a short temper...
I don't know if you heard I aint mess around on
You no I aint shittin... No I aint havin nobody else's

Bay bay... You just been fuckin pissin me off latly
And right now I don't give a mutherfuck if you hate me...
(But Then I Calm Down) and I think about it
(I Didn't Mean to Scream) I didn't mean to shout it
Now let me explain... Don't get all routed.

But ohh you got real mouthy just leave me alone
(Just leave me alone) aye. Aye. Leave me alone
Bay bay (Just Leave Me Alonnne) Ohh... I Beg Ya
Aye. Aye. Beg ya please just leave me alone

(Just Leave Me Alone) this doesn't get much better
I can't take it no more man... Ahh uh I'm loosing
My mind Please Please Somebody Help Me.

Yeah... She stands beside me she holds me
Down she's my other half and when she's crying
I hold her tight she's a part of me you piss me off

I flip you off here we go again (Go Again) (yells) oooww
Just leave me alone (Just Leave Me Alone) woo, woo
Oooww... Just leave me alone (Just Leave Me Alone)
Aye. Aye. Just leave me alone (Just Leave Me Alone) Yeah
Yeah... Yeah haha

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