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Irish Music – God Be With You Kerry lyrics

Oh God be with you Kerry
Where in childhood we were merry
When we'd hear the fiddler tunning up
And roisining the bow
At the crossroads we'd be dancing
And a cailin shyly glancing
Just like our dads and mothers did
In Kerry long ago
Now my heart is sad and weary
Still in dreams I see my Mary
With her golden tresses flying
On her cheeks a rosy glow
In her joy I heard her singing
With Bill Halpin's fiddleringing
As he played the Stack of Barley
Down in Kerry long ago
We go down to Mary's dairy
And her feet so light and airy
At the churn we take our turn
Till the butter would overflow
To the kitchen we'd retire
And pick out the biggest fire
Just to tell us fairy stories
Of Kerry long ago
Then we'd stroll home in the moonlight
And our cailin's waists we'd hug tight
Just to save them from the fairies
In the raheen down below
Then we'd say goodnight and kiss them
We'd go home and pray God bless them
Oh the sweethearts of our boyhood days
In Kerry long ago

The sweethearts of our boyhood days
In Kerry long ago

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