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In-Rage – Erased lyrics

I can hear her scream

A voice ringing in my head
Am I dead
There is nowhere to hide these feelings inside

I didn't do

Doing my time, walking the line
And watching my whole life flash
Right before my eyes

Its not her blood
On the blade

Forcing needles into my veins
So much pain
Falsely accused
I don't know what to do now

You can't pin this
On me

Fear running through my mind
Theres no time
I'm not ready to leave this world


I remember a time when life was great
Everything was easier to deal with

I had freedom, I had love

Waking up to the morning light through the window
Reflecting off your hair, so beautiful
Like an angel from above

I can't recall how I wound up in this place
Just a hazy memory of your face

And disarming comfort of your touch

So all is lost
So I just disappear
And at what cost

Please get me
Out of here I'm not prepared
To go like this
I'm longing just to hear your voice
To feel your kiss
Return me to a time that was eternal bliss
God send a miracle to prove my innocence
My heart is beating way too fast
The clock is ticking
I don't think that I can last another minute
Forced out of this life and I can't seem to get it
A horror story in my mind
And I am in it

Walking in through the front door so unexpected
The candles burning, perfume in the air

Howd you know I was coming home

Peeked in the bedroom and grinned
And then I saw you with him
I felt my soul inside of me
Was burning up

And all my memory from there is gone

So now I'm waiting to die each minutes flying by
And there is nothing I can to say to clear this up

I don't know
Whats going on

So all is lost
So I just disappear
And at what cost
Please get me
Out of here

So all is lost
So I just disappear
And at what cost
Please get me

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