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Illogic – What It Takes lyrics

[Chorus: Illogic]

I don't know what you thought you had or what you got

But yo, to be an mc it takes a lot

Are you willin to take the responsibility of this quest

Cause if you do it right you might not have nothin left


Yo, it takes artistic ability and knowhow lyrically

To express in forms of poetical wizardry

It takes rhythmic structures and phenomenal thoughts

It takes creation of hooks on which the wack can get caught

It takes knowledge of self and creator

It takes payin attention to that music in the elevator and elevatin

If you call yourself a lyrical surgeon it takes patients/patience

It takes takin a trip with God on that ship of relation

It takes self-denial and realization

It takes keepin it realistic

Not real just to become a statistic

It takes evolution and edification

It takes a person, it takes a family, takes a city, it takes a nation

It takes surroundin sound, not lettin sound surround you

It takes surroundin yourself with fam and a dope crew

It takes hot tracks and it takes hot use of words

I don't about you but for me it took a third

[Chorus:] - 2X


Yo, it takes a sense of focus and clear mindstate

It takes shape and destiny and acceptin fate

It takes you takin a stand and not conceit

It takes you bein and actin like a man and not a beast

It takes squashin beef

It takes, treating our women like queens and men like kings

It takes replacement of material with spiritual things

It takes a one for education and lack of stupidity

It takes discovering your faults and seeking a remedy

It takes some illogical thinking in this rational world

It takes passiveness and confontation, rebellion and confirmation

It takes, an open and a closed mind

It takes a lack of compromise and, findin some truth in lies

It takes healin, it takes booze and it takes tryin

It takes winnin, it takes losin, it takes livin, it takes dyin

It takes them, it takes us, it takes you what takes me

These are the essentials I think it takes to be an mc

[Chorus:] - 2X


I'm an mc cause I got what it takes

Are you an mc, do you have what it takes?

If you don't know, I've defined it

So go ahead kid, and just rewind it

I'm an mc cause I got what it takes

Are you an mc, do you have what it takes?

If you don't know, I've defined it

So go ahead kid, and just rewind it

" Clap your hands everybody, if you got what it takes" -> krs-One

(repeat 4X)

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