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Ill Bill – Peace Sells lyrics

I'm a creator of terror berserk teens no escape from the toxic traits
Pop ya face storm 'em with madness and blind faith
The angel of death read between the lines out the heaven
Expectable youth divine intervention teachin' y'all a lesson of violence
Doctor Death injectin a virus apocalypse
I'm a horseman in the circle of tyrants in debts for era
Posessed like Jeff Parcera
Consuming impulse drown you in the depths of terror forever
Peace sells but who's buying
Who's tryin who's crying who's lying in a pool of blood dying
Peace sells but who's buying
Who's tryin who's crying who's poppin with a four pound iron
Peace sells but who's buying
Who's tryin who's crying who's lying in a pool of blood dying
Peace sells but who's buying
Who's tryin who's crying who's lying in a pool of blood
Stranger in hell buy America day to betrayal
Brainwashed by a system that's created to fell
Freedomer fire securetron arm in his fate
Fear factory manufacturing hi-tech hate
A slave new world world gone mad a world without heroes
Used to go to show surrounded by weirdos
Lovelomoss masterin the science of war
Read metal forces magazines dying to tour
Power hatchets & carnivals livin their life for agony
Where to go we got to know like Harry Flanagan
I lecture funeral children of a grave behind a wall I sleep
Be afraid kill 'em to be safe
I don't need society down for life foul & trife
Ill Bill dirty rotten imbecil down to fight
Give me my taxes back money god's a liar
Speak truth to deaf americans like Tah Meraya
Psychic vacuum jab you with a knife & stab you
Rival this medicine try veconvictions as heroin
Experiment macrosolutions to megaproblems
Let the revolvers solve 'em chaos miners a cosmic drama
Peace sells but who's buyin so I stay with the funds
We real so you die find you laced with the slugs
With the quickness you callin me my sacred love
I got bad brains the reason I spray with guns now listen

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    this song consists of different Death/Thrash metal band names, lyrics and titles of songs...i edited the first verse but one would have to do some research to sort through all of it., CREATOR was a band who have songs titled TERRIBLE CERTAINTY, NO ESCAPE, TOXIC TRACE, STORMING WITH MENACE and BLIND FAITH. ANGEL OF DEATH and EXPENDABLE YOUTH are SLAYER songs, READ BETWEEN THE LINES were songs on SLAYERS "SOUTH OF HEAVEN" ALBUM. I love the concept of this song and the way Bill was able to put these titles into a song of his own and able to have it make sense all at the same time
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