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Ikimono Gakari – Blue Bird lyrics

Habata itara modoranai to ittte
Mezashita no wa aoi aoi ano sora

"Kanashimi" wa mada oboerarezu
"Setsunasa" wa ima tsukami hajimeta
Anata e to daku kono kanjou mo
Ima "kotoba" ni kawatte iku

Michi naru sekai no yume* kara mezamete
Kono hane wo hiroge tobitatsu

Habata itara modoranai to itte
Mezashita no wa shiroi shiroi ano kumo
Tsukinuketara mitsukaru to shitte

Furikiru hodo aoi aoi ano sora
Aoi aoi ano sora
Aoi aoi ano sora

Aisou sukita you na oto de
Sabireta furui mado wa kowareta

Miakita kago wa hora sutete iku
Furikaeru koto wa mou nai
Takanaru kodou ni kokyuu wo azukete**
Kono mado wo kette tobitatsu

Kakedashitara te ni dekiru to ittte
Izanau no wa tooi tooi ano koe
Mabushi sugita anata no te mo nigitte
Motomeru hodo aoi aoi ano sora

Ochite iku to wakatte ita
Soredemo hikari wo oi tsudzukete iku yo

Habata itara modoranai to ittte
Sagashita no wa shiroi shiroi ano kumo
Tsukinuketara mitsukaru to shitte
Furikiru hodo aoi aoi ano sora

Aoi aoi ano sora
Aoi aoi ano sora

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  • musiclover21
    It's a song from Naruto to Sasuke. This song says that Sasuke has his eyes on Itachi and will never look back until he gets what he's aiming for.
    I love this song. The lyrics makes my heart sink. Naruto is so damn good. I really wanna cry now. This is one of the most sad songs in Naruto. There are always times when I just want to burst out from crying because I feel Naruto's pain! And now that Naruto says he understood how Sasuke feels just now, I also feel Sasuke's pain. I know, I'm crazy! : p Long live Naruto.
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  • n
    I think this song is meaning to me because I listen to it everytime I have a bad day or something like that. I will try to use something somewhat like it when my new show opens. I am hoping it will be a success and that a new song I have written will be sung by Ikimono Gakari.
    "Til the blue sky shines again my love we all shall bow down waiting to be caressed!"
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  • u
    Well... I really don't know how to explain myself as well as others have. This show means the world to me, I watched some of it as I grew up. Now that I am older I spend all my free time watching it. Yeah, I might seem like a big weeb. But the songs meaning, in my view, is from Naruto to Sasuke. Sasuke has found his 'wings' by joining Orochimaru. He believes that only he, Orochimaru, can give him the power to defeat his older brother, Itachi. And it's Naruto's way of showing his pain, but also that he finally understood what Sasuke meant all those year as kids. Their bond will never be broken. But Sasuke will not return until he has finally 'avenged' his family.
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  • u
    You say if you could fly, you'd never come back down, you only have eyes for that, blue sky!
    Without knowing what sadness I begin to grasp pain when I try to reach these feelings to they change into words. As you awaken from a dream into a unknown world so spread your wings and take flight!
    You say that you could fly, you'de never come back down! You only have eyes for that, blue. Sky.
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  • u
    Should I said that I started watchind naruto's anime right after this song been the opening theme?
    The answer is yes.
    I always read naruto's manga before as I can't really feeling the story when I watched the anime. But this song really nice and touched my feeling so hard that I changed my mind to watch it instead read it.
    Big salute to the writers, the composer and also the singer as she sing it beautifully.
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