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Hyro Da Hero – Sleeping Giants lyrics

Fuck the cops, fuck the world, fuck the people in it,
Take ignorant shit you love hearing,
This that dose of reality you fearin'
Hope I'm buried yes but can you pass the test
Recycle thoughts recycle dreams we're not satisfied
We chase after the same thing
We hold us back we're fighting us
And when we scream we silence us.

So we all make a deal with the devil,
Because negativity is perceived to be better,
We never... To resist... So it's rutine
So we pretend that we... In our teams
And... To live like...
Open up your eye realize what you are on the inside

When we let the blind lead the blind,
We fall off the cliff at the same time,
It's mass suicide, we sleeping giants, time to come alive
You your worst enemy,
You your worst enemy,
You are your worst enemy,

Let my words be the bullet heard throughout the chaos,
Let my message sink into your brain and never fade out.

The world spins and spins and never changes up,
We are people of pattern and I'ma shake it up
We just dance and laugh like what's up, what's up
Shut the fuck up, get up your butt and do something
In war, start a war, fight the peace, lie to me,
Stop runnin around so silently
'Cause I'm gonna be what I was designed to be and
That's the voice, a voice of youth, a voice of truth,
A voice for you, a real voice that aint motherfucking autouned

[2 x Chorus:]

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