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Husalah – Project GTA lyrics

Yo dis is beast music for psychos and skitsy niggaz
Sixty niggas apart of one mob really killaz
26's nigga yes yes
Husalah kickin it with ya spend racks bitch and leave six ta give em
That mean the bitches hit em. backstreet crack the strippin
Krispy macs is rippin niggaz be savvin with em.
Sav em for last and hit em. kill em!
Pump mollasses in em,
Wrap the plastic, tuck the caskets with em.
Real smooth like snitches a ask who did em.
That's where you clap, pimp! don't even slap the nigga
Fuck talkin, don't even ask the nigga
Come get me I got chops and masks with us
Fuck with it man yes, I'm just a classic nigga.
In a classic caprice, niggaz is plastic to me.
I come through using the bathroom my pee
I S H I T. shit on sukkaz.
Dump clips on sukkas.
Get rich like Tito
Knock a bitch like Husalah
Whippin perrito in a gs regal
Sold it to my people
For cheap yo
Skeet skirt.beep beep bam bam two

Caution, warning, man with rolo, ridin around town, poppin niggaz like grand theft auto
Somebody got chopped, somebody got shot
Somebody got shot, some body got popped
Somebody got popped!
Bitch! caution warning, young man with rolo
Ridin around town poppin niggaz like grand theft auto
Oh shit! somebody got pop, somebody got shot
Somebody got shot, somebody got shot, some body got pop!

You heard that old school song they call computer love
Niggas on some brand new shit niggaz is computer thugs
Takin pictures with chops
Niggaz new da guns
What the fuck you niggaz know what I do to you with guns.
Blow ya face off the side of ya face.
Ridin on twenty four inch rims nigga pumpin my bass.
On the thirty seven highway to getatti.
Holla at my nig with tha plug on the shotty
I'm a catch a body.
I'm a go over there and shoot somebody.
Pop him in his chest make him lose his breath
Dippin in my buick nigga oh so fresh
Listenin to mob music while ya bitch give neck
I coke dip and rock
Hit the block with chops
Make these niggaz skeet skat like some coke rock, cruck rock, cock roach
Oh shit I got caught up in my words
I got caught up in these birds
These bitch ass niggaz get served
These bitch ass niggaz got nerves to speak the game.
When these niggaz ain't never did a damn thang niggaz lose they brain.
On my part of town
And my part of soil
Hit ya face with this thang make ya face boil
350 degreez nigga with ease
I dip up the block niggaz is sleeze
They eatin out sluts. toung kissin the cunts
Doin shit that gangstas don't do. you should be like husalah
And step ya fuckin game up bitch!

Caution warning
Man with rolo
Running around the town poppin niggaz like grand theft auto
Somebody got pop, some body got shot,
Somebody got pop, some body got pop, some body got pop
Caution warning young man young man with rolo
Ridin around town poppin niggaz like grand theft auto
Oh shit! somebody got pop, somebody got shot
Somebody got shot, somebody got shot, some body got pop!

The moral of the story is
You should try to live ya life and stay at home and raise ya kids
Cause the majority of the niggaz in ya gang a snitch
When I pull up with the fifty round clip and leave yo ass stiff
But these niggas ain't goin show up to court and testify
You know why?
Cause I'm so I'll niggaz won't test a guy
They know hus is dope
They know hus is renorming
That's retarded retarded.
Niggas dun got me started
Up the block I shitted on niggas
Niggas is farted. niggaz pooded
I come through shoot it
All black with the mac with the beam on it
Green, not red
On the tip of ya face, on yea head...

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