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Hugh Grant – Way Back Into Love lyrics

[Verse 1]
(Drew Barrymore)
I've been living with a shadow overhead,
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed,
I've been lonely for so long,
Trapped in the past,
I just can't seem to move on!

(Hugh Grant)
I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away,
Just in case I ever need 'em again someday,
I've been setting aside time,
To clear a little space in the corners of my mind!

All I wanna do is find a way back into love.
I can't make it through without a way back into love.
Ooo hooow

[Verse 2]
(Drew Barrymore)
I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine,
I've been searching but I just don't see the signs,
I know that it's out there,
There's gotta be something for my soul somewhere!

(Hugh Grant)
I've been looking for someone to she'd some light,
Not somebody just to get me through the night
I could use some direction,
And I'm open to your suggestions.

All I wanna do is find a way back into love.
I can't make it through without a way back into love.
And if I open my heart again,
I guess I'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end!

(Drew Barrymore)
There are moments when I don't know if it's real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel
I need inspiration
Not just another negotiation

All I wanna do is find a way back into love,
I can't make it through without a way back into love,
And if I open my heart to you,
I'm hoping you'll show me what to do,
And if you help me to start again,
You know that I'll be there for you in the end!

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  • f
    This song is very powerful to me.
    First of all, I loved the movie, secondly I am going through the same thing right now. With relationships and it's just too much to tell. The way they tried to understand it was: Just getting out of a relationship, or really liking/loving someone, that may or may not like you back, and you want to fine someone to love you. But you are going through all of these other guys and you don't know if they like you back, and you don't know if it's the right person for you.
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  • u
    Avoid going astray along the way. Once astray the way back into love will be hard to find. I meet a girl with that shadow overhead and a cloud above her head, but I am already tied up, what I can give her is only inspiration on how to find that way back into love. I told her as of the moment not to open her heart again, because, I won't be there for her till in the end.
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  • s
    This song.? To be honest, it describes the way I been feeling for somtime now. Trouble with me is that I can't seem to move on. And I'm finding it hard to ever love anyone else ever again. I loved him. 1yr and5months. Its a pretty long time. Shame its had to end though - James, I miss you so much. And I'm sorry for the way things have ended. But no matter how many tears I cry, no matter how many dreams I see of you, we both know I need to forget you.
    But after all that's happened. And everythg. I still care. And no matter what. I will always love you. Always. Son. X.
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