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Mother fuckers
I move to break your a** with my gun
Gimmie some, I want all your cash

And get those hands in the air
And don't stare
And don't compare your gangster a**
To a psycho stare

I go to tackle
You in shackles
So run, n***a, run
'Cause I give you some of this, wacko

Rollin' thirty
Nigga's bleed in the big Chevy
Guns go 'round your whole town
F**k, you better be ready

And if you down, you down
If not, you're gonna lose
I choose the side of the black, fool

Holdin' on, pullin' on
Your whole set
Disrespectin' your moms
So nigga's you better check

So who's the n***a
With the biggest balls
Who's the n***a with the finger
On the trigger in the dark hall

So don't stall, I preach from the nasty bunch
Are. O. C. Is the nig with the super bust
So boom, click, boom
Mother fuckers, check your rhymes

Call it what you want, mother f****are
Yeah, call it what the f**k you want
You can call it this
You can call it that
But yo, it all boils down
To the same f*****g thing

F**k it
I'm tired of standin' in the back
They're tryin' to ban my sound
I 'rose underground

Groose, a-groose
Try to grasp
This stupid style
I leavin' hangin in a meat [?]
Check it

Nuts in hand
While I chastise you fools
I choose to make rules
And do's whatever I choose

Known as a tiger
So I fight for my respect
B*****s on my d**k
You better put that b***h in check

You can dig the music
I can tell by the head bob
Workin' all these wack jobs
And keep that s**t alive

Change it up on a grave scene
I make green
Broke than a fuckin joke, man
Know what I mean

Caught you slippin'
Insanity is prickin' my mind
It's all jealousy
Leave that s**t behind

House of Krazees on that a**
With the hellish talk
All you wack a** b*****s
Call it what you want

Yeah, House of Krazees remix, b***h
Nineteen mother f*****g ninety five
Remix on that a**, call it what you want
Eh yo, you can call it this
You can call it that
It's like I said before, yo
It all boils down to the same thing

Well let me tell you
I f**k around and bring my skills
So I can scrape the bottle of the barrel
And pay my bills

I was homebound
With my home sweet home
After season of the pumpkin
You thought I was gone

But now I'm back
And I'm bustin' heads wide open
No jokin'
No need for provokin' bullshit

The controversy of a mind check
Everybody wants to diss
Well, who's next

Can you f**k with a mind full of [?]
S**t, we built the house
No need for eviction

Can you believe the truth
And a pack of lies
Can you see the killer
Behind the disguise

Peep the scene
I bring fast and never slow
Kickin' my fastest
To let your b***h a** know

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