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Hexen – Seditions In Peacetime lyrics

Low and behold...

The media is in unrest and the public is in tensions,
All because they silenced him too late,
Apprehending the members, presuming their power,
Living in fear and a paranoid state.

A false identity,
Nevertheless they're still after me,
I was framed yet they have me on tape,
Erase any hopes to escape...
Erase any hopes to escape.

Peace... At a price!
Lives are sacrificed,
Helpless and laced with hate,
In prison for years, that's the meaning of pain.

With words as their weapon they stir shit in this scare,
Intensifying conspiracies to save them from despair.
Now they've got a corpse lying on the Capital's steps,
Preamble to the crisis that's in store for them next.
Spying for a foreign power convicted of treason,
A New Mccarthy-ist era twice in size,
Now it's up to them and their discretion,
Before the whole system is paralyzed.

Blind... Leading the blind,
They've dine it once; they'll do it again,
Speak just one word of it though,
If your wish is to be dead...
If your wish is to be dead.

Seditions in Peacetime; gotta watch what you say,
Before they show up at your door and drag you away.

A clear and present danger... That's so far away,
While the proven guilty are sentenced to stay,
Resistance to the law is put to the test,
Next in line for persecution and arrest.

You're next for arrest!

Silence his screams,
He's introducing a panic,
Formulating a fervor,
In pursuit of the moles and spies...

Seditions in Peacetime!
Six feet under are those who'd protest,
Freedoms completely restricted,
Those who died... Consider them blessed

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