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Henry Gross – Shannon lyrics

Another day is at end
Mama says she's tired again
No one can even begin to tell her

I hardly know what to say
But maybe it's better that way
If papa were here I'm sure he'd tell her

Shannon is gone I hope she's drifting out to sea
She always loved to swim away
Maybe she'll find an island with a shady tree
Just like the one in our backyard

Mama tries hard to pretend
Things will get better again
Somehow she's keeping it all inside her

But finally the tears fill our eyes
And I know that somewhere tonight
She knows how much we really miss her

Shannon is gone I hope she's drifting out to sea
She always loved to swim away
Maybe she'll find an island with a shady tree
Just like the one in our backyard

Just like the one in our backyard

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    I think sometimes we try to convince ourselves that what is happening is not really happening. However, the boy realizes that his dog is sparing the boy the agony and grief. I had to put one of my two golden retrievers down in november 2011. I made a decision on monday to do it on a friday. I gave myself a little time to really spoil her (as if she was not spoiled enough). By friday, my cinnamon was ready. She would not even eat boiled chicken or small cookies. I swear when it was over and I was still holding her, cinnamon had her usual smile. Even the vet broke down. She would have been 13 on january 1. In the beginning, I wish cinnamon would have spared me of this task but now, I am glad I held her so tight and was able to stroke under her chin and whisper my love to her. She has been cremated and until I find the right urn, she is in a cardboard box in my sock drawer. I see her every day.
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    A beautiful song about the death of "Shannon" an Irish Setter that was owned by Carl from the Beach Boys who was a dear friend of Henry Gross. One day he went to visit Carl. He told Carl that he had a Red Irish Setter named " Shannon". Carl was quite moved and said he too, had a beloved Irish Setter named "Shannon" who had gotten hit by a car recently. While Henry Gross was sitting on his bed with his dog "Shannon" he thought about Carl and the sadness and Grief that Carl must have felt. At that time, the upstairs neighbor was playing music.
    With bass too loud. Instead of complaining, Henry Gross decided to drown it out by using a seashore type of instrument, so that is where "Shannon..drifting out to sea came in". He wanted Carl to sing in the song with him, but wasn't able to. The song became a huge hit. Henry Gross continues to sing, compose and make hits.
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    Each year, as my old mutt ebby gets older. I drift back to this song from my teen years! The only thing that "ebby" has in common with "shannon" is the "running and playing" part. You see, ebby was a "rescued" dog. She has never gotten along with anyone but me (and, she will still take a chunk outta my hide, if I bother her when she's tired or when she's eating)! But. She follows every step I take, she "guards" the bathroom door when I shower or take care of business, she lays by the laundry room when I do laundry, well. You get the picture! She was an abused dog and I've just recently (she's 8 Y. O. Now) got her to let me hug her (and I'm the only one who can do that, too)! Sometimes the family gets so mad at her but I just explain that you never really know what you're gonna get when you adopt an abused animal? You just make the most of the situation and try to make her life better than it was! I know one thing. Tears will fill the eyes of this tough, macho, hardened 52 Y. O. Man, when she is gone! She's been my buddy from the get-go! I hope I get 8 more years!
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