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Heartsdales – Baby Shine lyrics
Tiny Voice where you at?
Jewels where you at?
That's right
Rum where you at?
AI make ya shine, make ya shine like this

(J) kon'wa wa kareshi o oite, mae motte rusuden ni shitoite
Bye bye baby!
It's ladies night with me & AI
My sister Rum gonna ride tonight
Dakara kaeri wa osoi yo don't wait up
Shinpai muyou, pop a chill pill daddy-o
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most
Ikareteru of them all
We're ishoku na sisters no one can touch us,
All y'all going acchicchi
SARABUREDDO no tourai, doite choudai nittou ryuu tsukai de
Nail a bull's eye!
Iiwasureta, oops! There's one rule
Except Ja Rule, no d*cks allowed
So baby shine, it's ladies' night
Heartsdales and AI ya heard?

* It's ladies' night what what what what wha-what?
So baby shine uh uh uh uh uh-uh
It's ladies's night what what what what wha-what?
So baby shine uh uh uh uh uh-uh

(R) Twinkle twinkle now how da star
Kon'ya wa we gon' hit da bar
(Oh!?) onnanoko dake rock the joint!
Get SAIKEDERIKKU, that's the point
(Oh!?) hizagakkun
Flojo, make you weak at the knees shoushou, yopparutte
Kyou mo itsumo no NORI de, SUTORESU hassan
Kick all the guys out (so wazz up!?)
Dou yo? this how we do
Bareru koto naku AM to PM mata ni kakeru
(Who?) be the hottest ome ga takai desu,
I'm your highness
(Who?) said I got time for you?
I'll take your breath so shinkokyuu
(Who?) otoko ni wa oujinai,
Sip Bacardi Rum with lemon and lime

* repeat

It's ladies night baby, so shine
We keep it fly baby, so shine
We bring it live baby, so shine
So baby shine, baby shine

(AI) dare mo tomeranna-i, tomaranna-i
Kon'ya wa ladies' night! So don't look at da time
Come clear ya mind! "nee- doko iku no?"
Un, Un, not tonight omae wa kanchiga-ing
Lookin' 4 Guy'z...No man konai
'Cause it's da ladies' night! What? tsumannai?!
Douse oyobi de nai kara Dig suru yatsu dake O-RUNAITO
Koukai shite shimau mae ni kon kai!
Nori da warui so senshu koutai
GET OUT! NANPA wa kanben, y'all best
GET OUT! nokoritai nara start jumpin'
Tanoshimitai yatsu dake raise ya hand!
Bucchaketai yatsu dake raise ya hand!
Onna no honshou sarakedasu! Let me tell you why!

* repeat

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