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He Is We – Kiss It All Better lyrics

He sits in his cell
And he lays on his bed
Covers his head and closes his eyes.
He sees a smoking gun
And the coward he ran And in his arms is the bleeding love of his life
And she cried
Kiss it all better I'm not ready to go.
It's not your fault love you didn't know
You didn't know

Her hands are so cold
And he kisses her face
And says everything will be alright.
He noticed the gun
And his rage grew inside.
He said I'll avenge my lover tonight.
And she cried
Kiss it all better I'm not ready to go.
It's not your fault love you didn't know.
You didn't know.

Now he sits behind prison bars
Twenty five to life and she's not in his arms.
He couldn't bring her back with a bullet to the heart of the back of a man who tore his world apart.

He holds only a memory.
All it is a memory

Hey, hey.

He cries stay with me until I fall asleep stay with me stay with me until I fall asleep stay with me.(x3)
Kiss it all better I'm not ready to go.
It's not your fault love you didn't know.
You didn't know.
Stay with me until I fall asleep stay with me. Stay with me until I fall asleep. (x4)
Stay with me.

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Submitted bymyforever

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  • u
    Someone killed her and she tells him its not his fault cos he didn't know (I'm guessing about the issues the girl and the man had) so he went after the man who killed his true love and shot him just as he shot her. He ended up in prison then and couldn't stop that aweful memory from playing in his head. He cries for her to stay with him til he dies too so they could finally be together.
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  • u
    A girl was killed by someone while with area boyfriend and he was not reasdy for her to go and she wasnt ready to go and he told her he was gonna get the guy that killed her and he did and now is in jail and he only has the memorys of he and when it sas "stay with me until i fall asleep" she don't want him to leave her side.
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  • u
    He was unintentionally neglectful and hurt her. She was torn between walking away and holding on until she couldn't anymore. By the time he realized how much wrong he had done to her it was too late and she was gone. He hates himself for driving her away and letting her go. He's holding himself prisoner because he's responsible for what happened. It's his fault she isn't in his arms anymore. All he has to hold on to and make him happy are the memories of them. She doesn't hold him accountable for what happened, but he does.
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  • m
    This is almost as bad as when you give your virginity to some one you have loved for years. And theyre moving in one week. It's like they're leaving you behind. And you feel that they're the only one who understands you. But that's okay, I'm ready to say bye to him. When we're older, i'll be better. He will be better. We will be better. And it will all work out. Until then, I trully can say. I love you Kaylor.♥.
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  • u
    The meaning behind this song is it's telling a story.
    A man is sitting in his jail cell remembering the night that his true love died and his world ended.
    The two were out together and a man shot his love. The killer dropped the gun and ran as the girl now lay dying in her lover's arms. She asks him to "Kiss it all better" because she doesn't want to die yet. Then she tells him that "It's not your fault love, you didn't know" which is her telling him not to blame himself, he could have done nothing to stop it. After the girl has died the man picks up the gun the man dropped and goes after him. When he sees him he shoots the man right through the back and straight through his heart. Presently, the man is now in prison for 25-life. All he has left are the memories of his love and that tragic night. "Stay with me until I fall asleep" I think is something that they both shared. She asked him to stay with her as she dies, and now he's asking her to stay with him even though now she's gone.

    This is such a beautiful and sad song. I love it so much.
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