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Good Charlotte – Can't Get You Out Of My Head lyrics

It's really more like a tribute than a cover ((A tribute, yeah that's good)). I mean, it's like a love poem ((A tribute to a goddess, only, Kylie Minogue)). About the most beautiful woman in the history of the world ((You know, I've heard people take, they've said that they don't think we like her, like were sarcastic. No, we love Kylie Minogue)). This is 100% serious ((I don't think you know what a true fan is)). We take it serious. And this is, uh, I understand it's not as pretty as the way she would sing it ((Well)), but I'm still gonna give it a go ((Sha)). Okay? ((Go ahead Joel)) Robot Speed.

La la la ((continue))
((That's pretty good, I like that))
(( I'm feelin' it, Ya see my hips movin'? I'm feelin it.))

You're old enough
To be my mother ((oww!))
But I wanna do you
So does my brother ((That's me!))

Me and my friends
Have all your pictures ((sexy girl!))
From men's magazines
Dirty ones like Maxim.

I wanna make a suit out of your skin and wear it
And walk around karaoke to Locomotion

You and me Kylie ain't nuthin' but mammals
So lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
You and me Kylie ain't nuthin' but mammals
So lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

I can't get you outta my head
I've been stalking you for 42 days
I can't get you outta my head
This restraining order's up in a day
((sista sista sista))

La la la ((continue))

That's good Joel
You know I really like the line about making a suit out of her skin and wearing it and karaokeing to Locomotion ((So do I)). I think that was really creative and just brilliant ((Brilliant)). I think, if there were some way we could get this to Kylie. Sorta like that Eminem song, Stan. I feel like Stan ((You are, you're an idiot)). I'm Kylie's Stan ((You're a jackass)). Anyways ((You talk to much)) you know, I dunno. I think our work here is done. I think we've shown, ya know ((Robot Speed. And we're out)).

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