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Gnarls Barkley – Surprise lyrics

It's cool being the only one - but it's lonely
I could have fallen in love a thousand times before if only someone, had known me
They say there's someone for everyone
Oh plus the work will be never done
When all you need is to be met halfway but nobody tries...
Don't be surprised
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!

There are hills and mountains between us - always somethin to get over
Needless to say it's a wonderful day, I just noticed how nice it was to know ya
Oh but be ready to sacrifice; if you love him you should tell him twice
Because when everything that's alive, ultimately dies
Oh lord
Don't be surprised
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!

Somebody's watchin; maybe you want 'em to see you
But with your regrets and se-crets you don't really want them to be you
Well you can make believe I'm blind
And for now I'll be just fine
But when the child grows up to have more than just your eyes
Don't be surprised
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!

Now the ending to ev-e-ry story is most enchanting
Now, whether it's heaven or hell
I wear it well; please forgive me for rambling
I just wanted y'all - to know that I don't know it all
So when that big ol' smile ends up, bein just a disguise
Don't be surprised!
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised! Ohhh Lord
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised! Ohhh, oh Lord
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!
I said don't be, don't be, surpri-sed
There's nothing left in here
That's surprising baby, 'prising baby!!

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