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Give Up The Ghost – Bluem lyrics

Let me say that I know when I should be confessing
I'm counting everything- my change and blessings
Chemists cursed me imbalanced
I ran through the streets until my legs gave in
"Hey, even without light I could see that we were failures"
And I am coming clean of dreams that don't exist
Oh God, it's in the air when it should be
Safe between our hands
"And love, even without light I could see that we would fail"
Let me say what I mean
Let me sleep on your floor
Let me learn to love
Cause I can feel my face sinking
Through bruised bones, barely hiding my mind
Failure fascination - I got a count on all I'll never have
And I am dying to not give up on this

(And I confess, my fixation is my fix)
And I've been running around trying to find my home
Twenty years on the run trying to find my own
(And I confess, a house is not a home)
My head is red- my bones black and blue
Fever burns- choke on words at the thought of you
(And I confess, fixation is my fix)

Sing a song for the disenchanted
Hum a hymn for the misdirected
A little love for the sons and daughters
Shadow-sitting life in forgotten corners
(and then)
I fell hard over myself again
I confess my love for everything
I woke up and needed to sleep again
With the music bleeding in my veins
Goddamn the yesterdays
With the love of all there is to love
We're who you're dreaming of
With the music bleeding in my veins
Goddamn the yesterdays
With the love of all there is to love
You're the one who we're dreaming of
I confess...

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