Girl's Day
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Girl's Day

Oh Great! lyrics

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Girl's Day – Oh Great! lyrics

Hey! Girl’s! Listen to ma love story~
This song for the one & only~
Girl’s day~ too much you’re lovely~
All – L. O. V. E

Nune ppajyeo ppajyeobeorin geot gata
Sumi noga nogabeoril geot gata
Mollae dagagaseo bollae algo sipeo bollae
Nae nune kkukkkuk damabollae

Bukkeu bukkeu bukkeureopge mollayo
Jakku saljjaksaljjak nunbiche nan nollayo
Aku ireomyeon andoeneunde (andoeneunde)
Nae mam bomyeon eotteokhae

(oh~) eomeo eojjeom joa (eojjeom joa) niga neomu joa (nan niga joa)
Jeongmal niga joa (niga joa)
Nege julkke love naemam gadeuk love love love
Oh ohoh oh ohohoh oh ohoh oh
Dugeundugeun nan dagaomyeon nan molla kkumin geot gata

Oh ma love babe, hayannune, nan tto geudaereul saenggakhae.
Let it slow, josimseureopge, gakkeumssigeun jogeum deo ppareuge,
Tell me babe, bukkeureopji wae, baboya let me hear you say,
Ijen nege malhaebollae, geudaen naemam nogin sunshine~

Eodil chyeodaboni buran buranhajanha
Babo mollado neomu moreujanha
Neobakke eobseo neo hana ppunya
I baboya wae molla

Budeureon nunbit dagaoneun geongayo nungama bwado ppalgejineun nande
[chokchokhan teochiui (ipsuri) seolleneun maeumi (ttatteutae)]
Seureureuk sseureojyeoyo ooo
[sujubeun geudaeui moksori peojineun jongsori kkumsoge]

Eomeo eojjeom joa (eojjeomyeon joha) nado niga joa (nan niga joa)
Jeongmal nado joa (niga cham joa)
Nege julkke beautiful day (beautiful day~)
Eomeo eojjeom joa (oh ohohohoh oh) nado niga joa jeongmal niga
Joa(eojjeomyeon joha)
Nege julkke love naemam gadeuk love love love~

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