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Gerald Levert – No Sense lyrics

It's Cleavland thang Gerald Levert,
A little Lazy Bone, Levert, Ken Dawg,
Let's do Columbus
Levert and more Thugs
United we stand divided we're fall
Sing with me yall

Your love don't make no sense to me
You get with me and you set me free
Baby your love don't make so sense,
No sense
Your love don't make so sense to me
You get with me and you set me free
Baby your love don't make no sense,
No sense

Girl I want to stay with you lay with
You the whole night thru
Girl I lose my self control when we
Roll the way that we do
I ain't saying nothing we can play
When ever I call
Baby don't be teasing me best believe
That I want it all
I can't believe that

I can come and get it when I want it
Like this
It's at my finger tips
You look so god it don't make no sense
No sense
I can come and get it when I want it
Like this
It's at my finger tips
You look so good it don't make no sense
No sense

I mean it in a good way when people say
Your love is unreal
Ain't never had nobody to make me feel
The way you make me feel
I paged you 911 so I could see the sun
From your window pane
You may not understand wanna be your super
Man and you be my Lois Lane
Right now I can't believe that


I'll be there by twelve so just prepare
Yourself for this good love
I know you'll turn me out
Gonna make me scream and shout till I
Can't get enough
Girl I'm a fean and you got the stuff
I need to bring me down, down, down,
I don't know what I'll do if I can't
Have you around


Ain't no reason for the games that
You play
That's all that I really said the
Touch the clutch that's fillin'
Your head
Easing up out them underwear I'm really
Don't make so sense for me to be investing
All this time
If you gonna add to this list of all these
Folks trying to stress my mind
I'm 'bout my grind you know that we gonna
Let that be that
I hit your corner in about ten minutes just
Hit me right back
Hope to have a successful ending or is you
Just pretending
Girl it don't make so sense
Girl if I can come in get it when I want it
Than let that be the reason that a Thug
Come by
Choosy lover undercover hustler Thugs need
Love no lie
I want to s** you up can I freak you down
Thug style
Flipping and turning and getting buck wild
Popping that thang as I watch you smile now



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