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Gerald Levert – Dream With No Love lyrics

I've been up, I've been down been through changes and turned around chasing my dreams I really need yall (Necessary) bought A car, bought A home, but it's just A house when your all alone did I get my wish? Is this what will wished? I don't want it then, tell me

What do you do with A dream and no love it's lonely to bed lonely waking up that's not enough that's not what I want. What do you do. What do with A dream and noone to share it with (Naw, naw)It's lonely to bed lonely getting up. That's not enough(Naw)That's not what I want

See, see

My friends think I've changed but my heart and my soul is the same. They just can't see(Naw)I'm A man that's in need. Oh, I can't fake (Fake) and I can't front (Front)Really need me A woman to love but she never come. Dreams unfulfilled with no love.

What do you do?

What do you do with A dream and no love (With A dream with A dream) it's lonely to bed lonely waking up and that's not enough no, baby that's not what I want

No, no, no, no, no

See I'm calling (I'm calling) for someone(For someone) to fill my emptiness can you hear me (Hear me)Well I'm sending out an S. O. S I'm in distress(Yes I am)

I bought a mansion and yacht, French clothes Rolex watch, went to St Thomas but that wasn't enough, see I needed love

Now what do you do. What do you do with A dream and no love

It's lonely at the top when you ain't got nobody, nobody to love (Naw naw naw naw)That's not what I want that's not what I want I betcha my family share my dream with me have A little wine with me picture that baby I don't want to be alone (No no no no no no)What do you what do you do with A dream A dream and no love it's lonely to bed it's lonely when you wake up noone to keep you warm...(Fade)

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