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George Harrison – Save The World lyrics

Weve got to save the world
Someone else may want to use it
So far weve seen
This planets rape, how weve abused it
Weve got to save the world

The russians have the biggest share
With their long fingers everywhere
And now they've bombs in outer space
With laser beams and atomic waste

Rain forest chopped for paper towels
One acre gone in every hour*
Our birds and wildlife all destroyed
To keep some millionaires employed

Weve got to save the whale
Greenpeace they've tried to diffuse it
But dog food salesmen
Persist on kindly to harpoon it
Weve got to save the world

The armament consortium
They're selling us plutonium
Now you can make your own h-bomb
Right in the kitchen with your mom

The nuclear power that costs you more
Than anything youve known before
The half-wits answer to a need
For cancer, death, destruction, greed

Weve got to save the world
Someones children they may need it
So far weve seen
The big business of extinction bleed it
Weve got to save the world

Were at the mercy of so few
With evil hearts determined to
Reduce this planet into hell
Then find a buyer and make quick sale

To end upon a happy note
Like trying to make concrete float
Is very simple knowing that
God in your heart lives

Weve got to save the world
Someone else may want to use it
Its time you knew
How close weve come
Were gonna lose it - we gotta save, we gotta save
We gotta save the world

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