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Gazette – The Suicide Circus lyrics

Vision no fuhai
Here is a hell on earth
I felt a chill
The disappointment that increases
Nobody can rewind time
Don't look away
Suicide circus
Aged hatred and young cold blooded mind
Reason of the chill
Sokoni ugomeku Poverty
Nobody can rewind time
Tobichitta Merciless scene
Musekaeruyouna namanamashisani hitowa hikare
Sono fureta teni fuchakushita kyoufumo yagatewa usure
All is paralyzed
Chain reaction
Sympathizers with a similar pain
Sukuwarenu mirai o kakaekomi fumihazushita
Fusagikomi miushinau jibunwo tachi Shitte hoshikatta
Fuini menomaewo fusaida kunouno hibini kakechigau
Aijou yueno kotobani zouoidaki oshiminaku sarakedasu
Mou modorenai karamai sugite
Even death becomes the prey
Heartless day
Bottom of the abyss
Suicide circus
Why is it repeated?
Suicide circus
Justice died
Bottom of the abyss
Suicide circus
Why is it repeated?
Suicide circus

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    This songs title explains its meanings. Suicide Circus is the outcasts. The Circus of society and Suicide is the out come. I've broken down every single sentence to a perfect description.
    Vision no fuhai/fukai Roughly translates to "Decay of vision". The decay of vision is the slow painful death, slowly losing your vision.

    "here is a hell on earth i felt a chill of disappointment that increased"
    The hell on earth is just the pain and suffering everyday. The disappointment in society that never ceased to increase.

    "nobody can rewind time, [tick-tack] don't look away SUICIDE CIRCUS"
    Nobody can rewind time means you can't rewind what you've said or done and no matter what you can't change the fact that you've hurt said person. Don't look away is the owning up to your problems that you're facing, owning up to what you have done.

    "Aged hatred and young cold blooded mind, reason of the chill, {crawling} poverty".
    Aged hatred refers to the racism that still resides in the world inspire of the fact that in most country racism and such was supposed to have been stopped. Mentioned earlier He says "i felt a chill of disappointment that increased" The reason of the chill is crawling poverty. This is a small summary cause I don't want to type a book: T.
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