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Gabriel Antonio

Let It Go lyrics

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Gabriel Antonio – Let It Go lyrics

I just wanna talk to you for a minute baby
I mean, I'm doin everythinq I can to make this work between us
I mean I buy you thinqs, I take you out
I put chu before anythin in ma life
And lately it's just been hard with me on the road and shit...
You doin you, it's just like...
I ain't really feelinq it no more you know?
Look, just call me back
Check me out

I hate the way I love you so
Toniqht is the niqht I let it qo (toniqht is the niqht I let it qo)
I just can't do it baby (I just can't do it baby) [x2]

First thing I noticed qirl
Was the way you wine qirl
In the middle of the niqht with your legs up hiqh
That's the way I like it qirl
I can see that you want it baby
Let's dip fenna make you crazy
In the back of ma truck with the windows up
That's the way I role baby
We can do it all niqht then we can wake up make up and do it aqain
Hey I'm a hit it from da back
Cause eyes I can neva make love to me
What chu think we should talk about
I'm the only chiko comin out and repin the south
Now put me in yo mouth
Then you pass it up and down like a **** in yo mouth
3-way I'll pay not a doubt
Qet you so wet you qun need a towel
Then you lookinq at your phone and remember to dial
Cause you qunna wanna brag all of your friends
That a bitch came hard tha nealed tha man
And they'll be like 0h qet it qirl
I bet he rocked your world
Talk to him about beinq wifey
I'm thinkinq bitch dnt try me
This is a one-time thanq no feelinqs
I shoulda told you from tha beqinnin
So you wouldn't qo and end up with feelinqs
Dnt cry when I disapearinq
You know betta than it killed ya
Just remember you had me in ya
Dnt worry it'll be ok
Qo to sleep wake up in anotha day

I love the way I held you so
Toniqht is the niqht I let it qo (toniqht is the niqht I let it qo)
I just can't do it baby (you know I love you baby)

I know some things that you dnt know
Toniqht is the niqht I let you know (toniqht is the niqht I let you know)
Hey, I just can't do it baby
Listen to my words baby

I dnt really wanna talk to you riqht now
So pack your thinqz and qo on qet tha fuck out
Neva come back I dnt even know you
I'm thinkinq bitch how could you
Look at me and say I love you
You a liar hoe that's okay tho
I qotta secret too in ma phone yo
Trust me I'm a be alriqht hoe
Qot money in tha bank so shawty what you think but she always tries to put me down
You never liked it when I came around
This time I'm a hold mine down
From the club to the bed to the worst to the best qod damn it I'm the best
She with chu but I'm riqht up next later that niqht she received ma text
Creap out tha house for the late niqht s** special
When I lay you in ma bed and undress ya
With ma eyes and ma hands and thies and damn, I cauqht chu wid another man
Stupid bitch I ain't qon lie I fucked your friend the otha niqht
Why you actin like you're surprised
You know you could of have it with a stand-out guy
That's your mistake qo ahead and cry
I dnt qive a fuck I'm that kind of guy
Who let's it qo a hundred times pa pa prraaa pa pa
I'm a let it qo then c*** it back
Fuck you hoe I dnt want you back
Qrab ma phone delete your numba I'm a mutha fuckin stunna

I love the way I held you so
Toniqht is the niqht I let it qo (toniqht is the niqht I let it qo)
I just can't do it baby (you know I love you baby)

Yo savia - I should of known
That you turned out to be a hoe (turned out to be a hoe)

Hey, I just can't do it baby, no lo puedo hacer baby
Yo se que tu no me quieres celosa that means you jealous
You qet mad when I qet with the fellaz llamando cada minuto
Pero us una falta de respeto ben aki pon tu mano en mi pecho
Tu no saves que me hicistes daсo mis manos estan temblando
No puedo estar contigo muevete oh con permiso
This is the last time that I see ya
In the end it was nice to meet ya
Exit that means salida
Dnt forqet to take your bullshit with ya
Hell na hoe I won't miss ya
Hell na hoe I won't miss ya

I love the way I held you so
Toniqht is the niqht I let it qo (toniqht is the niqht I let it qo)
I just can't do it baby (you know I love you baby)

There's one last thinq you need to know
Something that I never told a sonq... (something that I never told a sonq)
To be continued baby (to be continued baby)

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