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Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)Napoleon murphy brock (saxophone, vocals)George duke (keyboards, vocals)Ruth underwood (percussion)Tom fowler (bass)Chester thompson (drums)Hallo! hello!Hello!Is this room service? Hello? Hallo? Is this room service at the hotel leningrad? Oh, oh, oh, jawohl!What would you like...? Yeas, this is room serviceLook here, buddyYeas, what would you like? Oh, I’m so hungry!You know, when you’re a tourist and everythingAnd you travel around, you knowGoing to all the neat little shopsTen marks, costs you ten marksI’m so hungry!This call is going to cost you ten marksYou got to understand that in the fo..., in the frontLook hereEverything costs ten marksIvan, listenIvan, that’s meJawohlLookYou’re going to sleepYou’re going to sleepI am so hungryCan you bring me something to eat right away? Bouillia... bouilliabai? No bouilliabaiBouilliabai? No boogie-a-bayHow’s about boogie-the-bay? No boogie-woogie-the-bayHow’s about a fishie with the eye fallin’ out? Fish with...? hey, that sounds delicious!Send me some fish with the eyes falling outHow about a little sand over it? That’ll make it...Sand on the fish, yes, a sand-fishThat be ten marksDo you have a sand-fish here? Sand-fishie? The eye’s ten marksThe fishie is fortyHey!Hey, listen!Jawohl!The people in your country certainly are charmingYou know where I can get some pussy? Ah...Never mind, lookThis is very, this is very respectable hotel, you understandJust send me up...You tell to bring pussy in here? We spray you with lace!Oh, well...Right in the face!Oh, well...You don’t bring no pussy in this hotel!Ahhah, okay...Who do you think we are anyway? Well, I guess you told me...Are you a christian? Am i... yeah, I’m a christian, sure!Isn’t everyone? Ah, okay, you can bring...Well you can bring some pussy in here if you’re a christianThat’s a difference...Sure, if I’m a christian that means I get some pussy, right? That’s right, that’s cool, if you’re a christianOkayYou also get bouilliabai with itYeah, hey, great!Look...And the fish with the eye fallin’ outI want you to send me some pussyOne pussySome fish with the eyes falling outOne fish with the eye falling outSome bouilliabaiSome bouilliabaiAnd a bibleAnd a what? And a giddeon bibleAnd a giddeon bible? Okay, we also bring you the finnian bibleThe phoenician bible? No, the finnian bible, to go with the giddeon bibleThe finnian bibleThe finnian and the giddeon go together hereThis is a terrible connection,I can hardly hear youBut look, buddy,Can you please get that stuff up to my room in a hurry? I’m so hungryWe shall send it up by the southern pacific railroadFast ah? That is very fastSo fast you can never know..........Cape cape cape kansasCape cape cape kansasCape cape cape kansasCape cape cape kansasYou will also like to have a little visitHello, hello, helloRoom service? Hallo? Hey buddy!You did not get your order? No, listen, it’s a...You were not pleased with the pussy? You don’t like americans very much here, do you? Oh, you american! that’ll be twenty marks!Yeah, twenty... rightWell, I don’t care how much it costs, you know,Just get it up to my room in a hurry because I’m so hungryWell, you have to understandIf we didn’t bring it up there too fastIt’s probably because of the... the long summer that we had here,You seeYou had a long summer and that’s why...? We had a very long summer, about that fastHeh hehThat’s how long it was, like thatNow listen!Wait a minute!You get that food to my room right awayRoom number? Or I’m gonna call the american embassyWhat? You mean what am I going to call them? Why? I’m going to call them a barrel of motherfuckersThat’s what I’m gonna call themWell I know who’s gonna bring it up to you right awayMart, mart, mart perellisMart, mart, mart perellisMart, mart, mart perellisMart, mart, mart perellis

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