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Flogging Molly – (No More) Paddy's Lament lyrics

The heavens roared and o' the heavens roared
And the drowning of a nation commenced
But now no wave impedes or flows
With the tears of young Paddy's laments

Wipe the blood from your lip
With the flesh of your hand
There's no thorn in the side left to grow
So lets cherish the names that were lost for our age
With the ruin now the suffer must go
Where traditions they blend, lives a home on the mend
The grass glistens now for all sides
So lets sever the shame
We have come to reclaim with the water's retreat
Feel the shore

When the red rose paled
Lay a thousand graves many more
Though their ghosts still haunt
For the day we've come to live for

Don't look back for what's dead now is saved
The exiled are home where the souls were kept safe
Take me back on the crest of a wave
No more tears for your Paddy's lament
No more tears, no more Paddy's lament

Rip the grief from his heart
There's no sorrow tonight
For once banished dreams sleep divine
Where the silence you hear is the prosper we share
The only blade is a razor sharp smile

Still a church bell rings
To collect the sins that still roam
But the only thing lost is the pain
When nothing was more


Grab the leaf of the branch
From the tree in it's ground
Where the roots claim the earth many toiled
To a land that now stands
Under no ones' command
And her beauty let no man destroy
So remember the gun
And the damage it's done
The last drop as been spilt
For you and I
Let there be no despair
For the gloom we once shared
Brush the tear from the eye that still shines

When the red rose paled
Lay a thousand graves many more
Though their ghosts still haunt
For the day we've come to live for

[Chorus x2]

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