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Esham – Slug Froma 45 lyrics

I caught me a slug froma 45
Now I gotta take a dive
I'm suicidal
I'm trying not to stay alive
Voices in my head keep telling me they wanna kill me
And bullets from this gun keep tellin' me they wanna feel me
I'm sicker then I should be
So I kick it kinda critical
Psycho like a mad man
In a hospital
But you wanna put 'em in me
Put 'em in me
Do it quick
Then put me in the ground with my balls and my dick
I caught a slug froma 45
I caught a slug froma 45
Slug from a 45
Was my cause of death
I tried to squeeze the trigger
But there was no more bullets left
A hole in my head
A fucking hole in my head
Bury me alive
But I'm better off dead
Damn, I feel like I wanna die
And murder's my alibi
I know that I gonna die
When bullets fly
Should I put the barrel in my mouth
And close my eyes?
A man never cries when he dies
And I,
I caught a slug froma 45
I caught a slug froma 45
I caught a slug froma 45
I caught a slug
And got drug
My grave got dug
I heard chug-a-lug
When my head squirted blood
My body beaten bad
Brother but my body bled
And when I squirt off lead
I'm putting out my own head
I wonder why I did it
Did it, why I do, I done it
I play the game of death
And I guess I finally won it
I never fronted
But I'm fronting
For the fact I fell
Dead men don't say goodbye
Guess I'll see your ass in Hell
I caught a slug froma 45
I caught a slug froma 45
I caught a slug froma 45

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