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Empire Auriga – The Lurker lyrics

Empire Empire!
Perish for the destruction

Empire Empire!
Martyr for the control

"Religion is a falsehood
Know the ways of old
Polizia forever withhold!
The lurker is in all
Seek not to be for all
Seek the ways of old"

Sip of the eternal fear

Shake, for they are near

The void will not sicken you
Only they will sicken you
Rot in the degenerates of your brain
The mass thought will not survive
It kills the pure thought
It is religion in disguise

Fear the regime, fear the death throes"

Empire Empire!
Perish for the destruction

Empire Empire!
Martyr for the control

"I am disgust, and I am blasphemy
For I am the vile one, and I am decrepitude
But harken to me for the days of I'll control are nigh
Apocalypse of heavens
Apocalypse of worlds
They do not fear death, but they shall know it
It is upon them
Rise with me, for the bleak and the sorrowful shall now prevail.
Hail destroy!
Hail destroy!
Hail destroy! "

"And the march of shadows begins
The deviled one leads
And the broken of the one brain mass together
No longer the harnessed thoughts
No longer the god of heaven

A march to the tides of space"

The polizia await
And no more shall the unaltered brain give the living dead unto their troops
No more shall the one brain give thoughts of hope in the netherworlds

Only now do the masses go forth as singularity amidst fools and tyrant gods

And the rally of crying hell unleashes

Auriga crashing
Auriga crying
Auriga writhing
Auriga deformed and diseased
The ritual cleansing begins

Empire Empire!
Perish for the destruction
Empire Empire!
Martyr for the control

No more the battle cry of the unaltered

The lurker, anti-martyr, the saint of unlight, leaveth the palace of gods...

Give the people what they want
There is no morality in the death of a universe
There is no hate in the calm of divinity
And there were no thoughts in palace of gods

Now the universe is riven of it's shanks
The binds of god and the the tethers of holiness
Grind the unshriven polizia to bits with the madness of black suns.
Power of demons drive the unitech corp to it's unnamed graven rest.

The march of shadows redeem
The thoughts of the unithought machine

The lurker prevail
The lurker prevail

And always
Destroy to hail!

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