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Edward Cullen – Bella's Lullaby lyrics

Life was like a moonless night,
Shrouded in the stars,
Beauty can be such a fright,
But now you're in my arms.

You are my life now
Can't you see
I'd cross oceans
I'd swim seas
To be with you
That's enough for me.

Your face is like a poison,
Intoxicating me,
How can we live forever,
When our love can never be.

You are my life now
Can't you see
I'd cross oceans
I'd swim seas
To be with you
That's enough for me.

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Submitted byEmmet_Cullen


  • d
    I totally agree with you candygirl9693. With the whole thing where you said I felt like I was bella I just got done with the second book(I'm a late comer) and I felt like words I was reading was my life I feel exactly how she does. I'm going thru the same thing. But anyway this song is amazing I can't stop listening to it its on repeat on my ipod no lie I listen to it 24/7
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  • secretgirl72
    Candygirl9693, I would say he loved her with his whole being, his soul. Like Robertpattinson said, he doesn't have a living heart. Then again, the blood he drinks goes through his body so wouldn't it bet pumping that blood around, being fortified by another? Sorry for all the technicalities. He did play a good Edward. I'm just saying though, Ol' Rob could've shaved. Still, nice acting and I wish I was multi-talented like Pattinson is! Lucky.
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  • u
    I think the meaning of bella's lullaby is that love is never broken not by even the most powerfullest thing alive and that is why its lived so long from the day the earth had lifeforms on it. I also think that he would die for her even if it meant never seeing her again that he would protect her with his life. I never been in love so I wouldn't know how it feels but if I was in love I bet I would do the same thing for my true love!
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  • me13
    Oh btw when they're talking to each other in the cafetiria, after he catches the apple look at his armpit and you'll see that he's sweating.
    My friend can't remember his name so she remember's him by 'sweaty armit man'.
    Btw (no offence to his fans) I don't like him, his acting and I think he's ugly, but was alright in twilight, but evn better in the role as Cedric Digory
    Btw no one no's that he was in harry potter, they only think that was his first role or somthing like that but that's only my opinion.
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