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Dynamic – Eternal lyrics

[Verse 1]

I pull up in the Saratoga '91
Feelin like Curtis, go ahead try me son
I'm real thirsty, 40 oz buy me some
Rollin black bag in the trunk, body one
Dark passenger it aint the body son
Within Dyno the soul of John Gotti uh
Get to the docks, fast as ferrrari son
Off the coast, wet burial I'm sorry son
I been inspired by the City Of Angels
Sittin on my doorstep sippin that grapejuice
Checkin 'em bitches finna b hittin that "Babe Ruth"
Look at the late news, the evil that men do
I'm evil I'm mental, see where I send u
If you front I'mma end you and there is nuttin you can do
Every trouble I handle, pinch the flame from your candle
I'll be careful I plan to, lights out


You will never see me
No you will never be me
'Cuz you can't do what I do do do

I be like shuu shuuu
Over every hurdle
Shuu shuu
Over every hurdle

I'm The Roadrunner
You a turtle
Shuu shuu
My grind is eternal

[Verse 2]

Yea my grind is straight legendary
I see the labels finna holla and I'm just bout gettin ready
Aint no doubt my shit is fuckin holy like a seminary
I be ridin and you be writin only, secretary
I'm the boss bitch, no Ricky Ross kid
I was standin on the line now I straight crossed it
Gone to insane for this island, I lost it
Survivor of the illest this is that boss shit
I'm so high and I'm droppin artillery
Maussberg got me on a mothafuckin killin spree
Got his beats in a headlock, pillory
They get exposed and I'm cheatin on em, Hillary
I'm so fly mothafucka I'm bout it
Rappers in the world, shit is too crowded
I got a bomb strapped to my brain
I stand out no doubt, it's finna be eternal BANG

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