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Drivin Rain – Cracks In The Armor lyrics

Hey Mr. Steel
The Superman of life,
Don't you know that your misquoting
Misleading your self uptight.
And no matter what you say
A hearts not just an image on a card.

Hey Mr. Iron
Let the truth be known
Never feel that your misgiven
And pride is yours to own.
And no matter what you think
That deceptive suit you wear is not that hard.

What's this image given, doesn't it feel wrong?
What's this lie your livin' could it be that strong?

All you've seen, Bad you breed
Can't you feel the fire of redemption getting warmer?
All you've told, feel so cold
But now we can all see the Cracks In The Armor

Hey Mr. Bronze
Perfect to the bone
Don't you know that your misfortunes
Are self-made on your own.
And if anyone's to blame
You'll find him in the mirror on the wall.

Hey Mr. Plastic
The truth is coming out
And the burden that you carry
Is what this truths about
Cause those who walk on tight ropes
Lose their luck someday and then they fall

(Bdg) (chs)

Hey Mr. Paper
Careful you don't burn
And the saddest is the pupil
Of lessons never learned
And we tried to tell you "give"
But in your world was only "take take"

Hey Mr. Glass
Thought that you'd slip by
Now the world can see right through you
As you fall from your sky
And everybody knows
When glass falls to the ground it's gonna break!

(Chs 2x)

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