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DJ Rai Cee – Remember lyrics

[Chorus:] 2x
Remember who I was
Remember who I is
The day you thought
You'd never see me do something like this
Was when the days were cold
And I was never told
And now I'm grown
Living a life to where they know my words are gold

Living a life to begin with
Is the toughest job of all
We go by what we say
But were led to another call
And we use up what we can
And we hustle to get it all
But it's never was enough
I see me stuck on this wall
You would think, you'd be hoping
You afraid to drop the ball
And the fear of losing everything
Is the risk to have it all
Gotta follow all my orders
Even if the world is on my shoulders
And the weather's getting colder
And so I'm falling off the border
Call me crazy, call me lazy
You can haze me, you can grave me
But I'll never change the fact
That my name is Rai cee (Yeah)
All that is given
Is less than what we live in
And the life I've always been in
Will die if I wasn't driven
Who am I? I'm just another one of you
Had no clue, what I was or who I was
Then comes a day I was introduce
To this music and so I lose it
But I'm for it, it's me and you now
I use to see 'em putting me down
But I'm up, and guess who's holding the crown

[Verse 2:]
I'm in a class of my own
Cus I'm forever I'll
The days I was thrown
Now I'm forever skilled
I've been livin the moment
Cus I"m forever real
And so I'm down for whatever there is
Cus I'm the real deal
In the club, up above
Just the money, I'm thinking of
Rolling deep, up my sleeve
Haters wishing in they sleep
I use to be able to get a show
If I'm lucky now they wish I'd
Be able to run shows in a row
Never doubt at first impression
I'm aggressive to my mission
And my reasons to what I mentioned
Now a threat to this competition
It's like collision from my vision
Rock the crowd with great precision
I'm exposed, listen close
Let my music be your foe
It's official, on the go
Bump my music on the low
I be grinding that's fasho
Rai Cee, forever so
Living life to what I know
Making papers, on to go
Rai Cee forever yo
Here I come I run this show

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