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Dj Krush – Nosferatu lyrics

Searching for adventure
Welcome to Dementia
Lit sent ya
Every message that he meant ta
Envision this
Your parameters are limitless
30,000 feet in the air
we're all there
Standard procedure
Land hime at Narita
Find r**fer
Hit thet telli
For some leisure
Lookin' over Osaka
Thinkin' of a line
For a rhyme
That'll rock ya
On stage shock ya
jettin' cause I've gotta
Hit Tokyo
With another dark and lonely
Language barrier
Like a carrier
When I move my physical frame
You'll hear math
Numbers crunch your bone well
Struggle through your own hell
Pray you weren't alone
When your dome fell
Oh well
Grab another mop for the body shop
And while you rot
The dead'll get the f **k up and walk

Strange things happen in the nighttime
When you leave your crib to go and hear a
Hype Rhyme
Enter so I've got ya
Black Nosferatu
Rock that ass to sleep with a beat
Then I'll chop you

Strange things happen in the nighttime
When you leave your crib to go and hear a
Hype Rhyme
Enter so I've got ya
Black Nosferatu
Once you're under spell
I'll do what the hell I want to

Let me lighten up
Total eclipse
The universe flips
Sunken ships sink towards the seas
A thousand tales of those who failed
But kept composure
Bloated from exposure
The sun bust
You better duck son
The government sonned us
To work toward needs and
Gun lust
We could buy our souls back
But we sold that
It's a no go black
Hire Skully and Kojack
With correctives lens
Perceptive tight perspective
Yet missed the objective
Fuck it
Live and let live
They could never catch Lif
Hit me with a beat and a mic
Let's get biz
Lights dimming
That means your chances of escape
Hands up
And heads bobbing to the rythm
Blood shower
Now ya
Body lose power
Within an hour
I'll teleport to Kanazaawaa
To start me feeding again
I'm peeling your skin
Then you scream
Thus release the feelings within
Here's a flyer
Missing my event would be a sin
Nigga showtime's at 9
Welcome let it begin

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