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Devin Townsend – Planet Smasher lyrics

Yes, I feel like a good bit of entertainment... Time to destroy the planets.
Which one shall it be? This one? No... Too feeble. This one... Yes, perhaps.
Yes. This one shall do nicely. Commander...

[Commander:] Yes, Captain Ziltoid?
[Ziltoid:] Divert all the power from the main engines to the front guns
[Commander:] Yes captain Ziltoid, anything else?
[Ziltoid:] Take ninety percent of the surplus power and divert it toward the sonar awakening device...
[Commander:] Aye aye captain.
[Ziltoid:] We must summon the 6th dimensional planet smasher, I feel like a bit of fun... Summon him.

[Planet Smasher:] Who dares awaken the planet smasher!
[Ziltoid:] It is I, the 4th dimensional Ziltoid the omniscient!

Cherish the mind,
Cover your mind,
Cherish your mental sanctum.
Cower to war,
Cower to war,
Cower to war,
On the Earth!
Curse to be by the sun,
Power gain out,
You are the only one,
Channels the mind,
Channels the mind,
Channels the mind,
Of the earth,
Cherish the pain,
Cherish the pain,
Cherish the pain,
Cherish the mental weapon,
Cower to war,
Cower to war,
Cowards remain on the earth.
Tell me what you want from me!
All I wanna be is the omniverse!
They're allowed to be,
Around all of us,
All I want to see,
Through the omniverse,
Let it's thoughts go until tomorrow,
Bow to the valley below,
Please do not raise the planet smasher, mighty Ziltoid!
We are...
Smash it!
Bow to the valley below,
Bow to the valley below!
All I want to be is the omniverse!
They are allowed to be!
Around all of us!
All I want to see through the omniverse!
Through the omniverse!
Through the omniverse!
Through the omniverse!

[Planet Smasher:] Foul pest! And by the way the names Herman. And I hate musicals!

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