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Devin Miles – Under Your Spell lyrics

Smooth like the motion that you coop
Seen you for a minute, decided to pursue
I can tell you like the chase
I’m closing my pursuits
Slow motion is my moves
Whenever I’m close to you
Been on it, but I make time
Whatever so you remain mine
And this game’s known to change lives
But I got seat belts to assure you a safe ride
Just hang tight, I know I got you
Since you waved hi
Wanna be with you, whenever I’m crossing state lines
The terminal life chillin bout to take flights
You recognize real, it’s the plus that my game nice
A new life, never low always stay high
Not used to feeling this way, it’s a straight grind
Focused on the next move, watch the cake climb
I’m keepin em smooth, like jordan going base line
And kobe fading away, lebron pavin the lane
Doing my thang since I was yay high
She recognize the new flavor tryina taste mine
Despite the steretype, I’m not a canine
I never been a dog, I understand that it takes time
Don’t wanna get involved, with a nigga who say rhymes
You think I’m unfaithful, I forget you and chase dimes
We the same, we think of life, we got great minds
Forever on the same side, something like magnets
The attraction we can’t hide
So that mean that we gonn stick together as my fam rise
You got dreams, I say let sure them things light
And I’m gonna be right here, stand lower than my grave site
You feel the same, your heart starting to race, right
You like 100 million fans and I got stage freight
And I’m dead, through this no sleep, rain shine
It’s like it’s 78 with the game, how I lay mines
And at the same time, I’m under your spell
And thinking fuck it, world it’s a cold place to be
I seen it grow a custom, to your weather
I swear that shit something
I’m like nothing feel my knees turning weak
Shit I saw your plans working
And that’s for damn certain
When I got me feeling this can’t think of another person
Met another I wanna be on this damn earth
We only got this on far, but you ever so near perfect
And that’s all

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