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Demigodz – Live At The Playboy Mansion lyrics

I miss the misses who caresses with kisses and catches missions with sexual
Between thighs her eyes roll as kitty kats are eadile
My tongue is incredible - swift to lick lips, tickle clits on hips
Diggin grips tight on hips and shit
I flip the mission to kissin and licking nipples on nymphos
'Cause I'm Super like Nintendo when it comes to where the dick goes
Info on the data and my pager set on vibrate
And got greater expectations for later (I'll be tapping that ass)
Motioning in then exploding within the wetness
Ride it like a lexus on the opposite sexes
Between sheets freak wreak and speak mad ridiculous
Moaning while I'm boning causing friction on the clitoris
Under the lights - biting her neck to make the body tension tight
Rubbing thighs as we banging all night
Babies glazing - 5'3, 36D, 24-36 and as thick as can be
I imagine stabbing asses dragging fingers over abdomens
Capturing and grabbed them while I'm tossing like a javelin
Honey started bucking and banging and breaking bed frames
Sucking on the dick like a sport called the head games
I got the misses in stiches, acting viscious and fighting bitches
Cause my fucking skill is mad delicious
They get in ditches and planting kisses on this misstress
I stopped right in the middle and she still couldn't diss this
Got her on her back as I'm licking her bellybutton
Then she pulled me close like she wanted to tell me something
I took my tongue out of her navel, pulled her panties to her ankles
And inserted it slowly to make it less painful
Then she moaned shaking from a body spam
Leaving scars on my back preventing orgasm


Ima E-F-F-E-C-T
A smooth operator operating correctly
Over me - she was going crazy
She pulled me on my chest and called me Mr. S***

G-String bikini's, sipping dry martini's
More special effects and make up then Tom Savini
Girls who wanna see me pick me up in Lamborginis
Better bet, that I can get you wet when you're needy
Let me get a hold of a centerfold
To keep me warm when I'm cold
Kiss her soul and make her knees fold
Perspire, let her meet her sweet desire
So hot that I won't stop until the beds on fire
All night, going through rubbers like burning tires
I'm'a work it until you short circuit like crossed wires
Tossing and turning on the deck of the yatch
You know you gotta go live when you find the G-Spot
Me, I got a preference for oriental s** with me
Intense are like an insense, it's quite essential
Tell 'em that I love 'em 'fore the mental is through
The main event on tonight is gonna be me and you

[Chorus x3]

I like two chicks like John Ritter thicker than strippers
Hit her with liquor then lick her like her lips were liquorice
My wickedness in s** causes friction on the clitoris
Eqipped with this I make the flyest speak wild and frivilous
Excuses me miss - I'd like to kiss your butterfly
Smack that butter thigh, nut in the eye
Nah I'm just playing, no spraying while I look into your soul
Of your body as a whole not just titties and two holes
Naw Mean, I like the s** clean with prophylactics
Attack chicks on the mattress the mack licks the back
Plus the asses and assets the s** wet like fawcets
Slipped the tits c*** pussy lips and honey lost it
I bought it back kept her on track with ass smacks
Louder than hand claps demands in back
I endorse doggy style like Michaeal Jordan did Nike
And make bitches who don't even like me my wifey

Looking jiggy, 'fucking you Tonight' by Biggie plays on the radio
While females freak felatio, girls be on both sides of me like s** in stereo
Don't want the mono, I wanna pull more fm's than Vinyl
If this stuff continues I might hit the lotto
My money is my motto, take a honey to the Prado
Or back to the penthouse after the Appolo
The question of the night is, "Baby do you swallow?"
Mmm, I'm gonna do ya, whoa whoa whoa whoa
There's the anthem that is played throughout the playboy mansion...

[Chorus x3]

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